December 9, 2023

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SFM Health Authority: DJ Adoni was allowed to run the vaccine campaign

Luis Rosario Soghias, the provincial director of public health in Duarte, said he would allow popular music composer DJ Adoni to create a way to encourage vaccination against Kovit-19, promising not to make a caravan.

Similarly, in an interview with the News Agency 56 news agency, Rosario Soghias said that the permit in question was signed in Santo Domingo, not in Duart where the route began.

“Permission is not granted here in San Francisco de Magorus. They brought permission to bring a route from Santo Domingo, not a caravan, but an artist’s simple path, encouraging people to get vaccinated,” he said.

DJ Adoni said the tour was attended by a large number of people in various vehicles and was not planned despite this explanation, adding that he was summoned next Monday by the Dwight Attorney’s Office, which was accused of violating established health and safety protocols to prevent Govt-19 infections. , Including Order 432-21.

Similarly, Senator Franklin Romero of the State of Duarte described the caravan as an “act of terrorism” during this Wednesday’s session of the National Congress, where he described such demonstrations as a product of “populism” and “ego”.

“What the government is doing to return to normalcy should not be thrown on board. Let’s listen to the sensible people, the people should not ask, from the ego, they want to go from party to party, precisely (the caravan) is a proof of that: an act of terrorism, it should be investigated, and there are sanctions.” Romero said.

In addition, Rosario Soghias, agents of the National Police intervened in this path and ended up at the level of Avenida Libertad in the municipality of San Francisco de Magorus.

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