May 28, 2024

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Cuba – Diostato Capello says it is a lie that there are protests internationally

God gave the hair

Chavismo’s number two, Diostato Capello.


Christian Hernandez. AFP

Chavismo’s number two, Diostato Capello spoke about the situation in Cuba, which, according to him, is a montage.: “This is a media event. What appears on the networks has nothing to do with reality.” According to Capello, this is about exaggerated montages in networks.

According to Diostato Capello, the world view from Cuba is a collection It is not true that an anti-social movement is taking place against the Cuban government.

You understand: What led to the protests against the government in Cuba?

In a televised intervention, Diostato Capello said the images were of known social protests from the island It’s not about anti-government marches, but really about the people who celebrated the Eurocup Like Cuba they took it out (on the networks). It turns out that it is not. “

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“The same Cuban president took to the streets in Cuba,” says Capello, indicating that this is the way it has been proven. It is not true that a massive social mobilization is taking place on the island.

“It simply came to our notice then So now they think five tweets (sic) are going to end the Cuban revolutionDiostato Capello continued, concluding with a greeting: “From here our unity, affection, our respect for the Cuban people. “

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