June 23, 2024

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"She actually earns six figures for every job";  The value shown by Douglas Silva's bills after BBB 22 and web reflections

“She actually earns six figures for every job”; The value shown by Douglas Silva’s bills after BBB 22 and web reflections


According to Leo Dias, the ex-brother thrives on networks and gets very high in advertising

Photo: Twitter / Douglas Silva
Photo: Twitter / Douglas Silva

Even without winning the prize, Douglas Silva It became a hit yet BBB 22. program that was Arthur Agyar Like its great hero, it ended a little over a month ago. Actor known for his roles in “City of God” And also “Men’s City”was not searched by Globe So far, he is still without a stable contract on TV.

Recently, his name has been speculated in Netflix, but it is still not confirmed. In any case, Douglas Continue making profits from InstagramAdvertising and financial partnerships. a second Leo Diasex-brother currently bills 100 thousand Brazilian riyals Per post, because your profile is “bombed” and has high engagement.

A few days ago, the program “Modern Monday”With Fabio PorscheAnd EmesidaAnd Joao Vicente And Chico Boscohas received Douglas. He took third place as vent to his career as an actor and admitted that, on several occasions, he asked himself about not being recognized. After all, he has already won a nomination in amy However, he did not participate in other films or productions.

“I have to always prove that I can do it. It (my Emmy nomination in 2005) hasn’t affected anything in my career, it hasn’t affected anything in my pocket, and I have to always prove myself. I even criticized myself at one point. Wasn’t that a fluke? 100 Days Inside (BBB) ​​isn’t for everyone”He said.

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