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Should I buy now or wait for the GeForce RTX 40?

Should I buy now or wait for the GeForce RTX 40?

Prices have improved, but no waiting time now?

This weekend we released a video We talk about the price changes in the last few months and how this would be a more interesting time to buy video cardCompared to the last few months, we’ve got some models at their best prices in up to two years! But a classic question also emerged: Isn’t this the time to wait? Rumors about a new generation of boards started from nvidiain GeForce RTX 40, so there are those who think it is not the best time to buy one video card, miss the news. Today we will try to help those who are in this predicament.

Are video cards cheap? Is it time to buy?
Let’s extract the computer build wizard data and show you how things have changed!

What we know about the RTX 40

Any thing. Just for the sake of conscience, I asked the classic question which I know I’d leave in the blank, and sent it to Alexander Seibert (Tweet embed) for technical marketing for nvidiaBasically, this was:

This is what Nvidia will say about the RTX 40. What is most official and confirmed by the company itself is that there will be future generations of products. But that’s it.

Currently, there is only the super computing portion behind the amps used in the RTX 20/30. Nvidia has already introduced the Nvidia H100based on Hooper’s microarchitecture, which concludes everything we have about the new generations of Nvidia GPUs.

If Nvidia doesn’t say anything, why are there so many expectations about a file Vapoire (An alias for non-existent devices, a mixture of the words Steam and hardware, in English)? Rumors, one of the most active industries in the intergenerational periods of hardware engineering.

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RTX 40 rumors

Let’s move on to a bunch of rumors that have already surfaced about the possible RTX 40, remembering that even this name is not official. Just play the RTX 40 mark on our site There will be a lot of rumors, and below we have a selection of some of these posts. Let’s go in order by relevance:

New cards arrive in October (RTX 4090), November (RTX 4080), and December (RTX 4070). This actually puts the release into a three-month window, which makes sense to wait. Good to watch Rumors are already starting to circulate that Nvidia will delay the launch of the new generation for a longer timewhile keeping an eye on the large amount of RTX 30 stock.

– These boards will need a lot of power, at least that’s what the rumors suggestAnd the Talking about 600W TGP for RTX 4090. This can be a difference for those who do not want to spend on more power supplies, since the RTX 30 series is already becoming more demanding in this standard.

– Continues after announcement –

The RTX 4090 will have twice as many TFLOPS as the RTX 3090. Contrary to other rumors, this source says that the consumption will be 450 watts, like the RTX 3090 Ti.

Guess about RTX 40

It’s hard for me to get an answer. Between the devices available for purchase that are priced better than before, and the ones that don’t, I already know which one offers more FPS. But I also understand that frustration of seeing the product you just bought quickly became a less interesting option, either because what you bought got cheaper, or because the price you bought at later might pay for something better.

And does the double TFLOPS rumor make sense? In fact, it wouldn’t be the first time. The RTX 2080 has 20 TFLOPS in FP16, something that jumped to 30 TFLOPS in the RTX 3080. Yes, doubling TFLOPS from one generation to the next is very unlikely.

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the prices

price at launch USD 699.00 USD 699.00 USD 699.00
Updated price 7,200.00 BRL 3650.00 Brazilian Real 3,150.00 BRL

GPU Specifications

Memories specification

General features

the design



NVIDIA Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 10GB DDR6 320-bit Video Card – NED3080019IA132AX

NVIDIA Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 10GB DDR6 320-bit Video Card – NED3080019IA132AX

Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3080 10GB 320bit Gaming Video Card

But in practice, what development do we usually see? Let’s first take a look at the potential upside of a new family of products, and look at the performance leap across generations with GeForce 60 and 80 benchmark cards:

– Continues after announcement –

Doubling the performance is very unrealistic, but you can believe in a 20%-50% increase over the previous generationAnd that’s a respectable difference. While up to 10% of changes are hard to notice, roughly 30% is a very noticeable gain in the final gameplay experience.

Another more important factor is the introduction of new technologies. Whoever gets the GTX 1080 versus the RTX 2080 ends up with a bigger difference not only in performance, but in support for features like Ray Tracing, DLSS, and improvements for the new generation of consoles, like VRS support. So yes, there are benefits to waiting and getting the latest product.

So yes, if you buy a graphics card from Nvidia and release a new product soon after, it can make a great difference. But here it is also good to remember that we are only talking about rumors about the launch of the RTX 40, So we don’t know how long it might take. To make matters worse, the company started releasing its high-end models, bringing in the 60 and 50 series cards, for example, several months later, so the wait could be long!

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So, buy now or wait?

So what is the best approach? We have a suggestion based on what you have right now.

If your current video card doesn’t run the games or apps you want, or if you don’t even have a video card: wait may not be a good idea. Finally, prices have come down, and there are good opportunities for high-performance cards at affordable costs. It will take a few months for the products to come out, as well as a few more months to hit the market, and it may take longer for the pricing to become competitive. In this scenario, it may be difficult to continue to wait longer.

If your video card still “gives up”: Waiting might be a good idea. If you can still play your games with acceptable performance with adequate graphics quality, waiting two or three months to see what future Nvidia cards can bring is an interesting strategy. You can benefit in two ways: if the difference is interesting in favor of the newer cards, you can buy the new generation. If not, there is a window of opportunity to get cheaper RTX 30 cards when your stock is distributed. We’ve already seen respectable drops in high-end models, such as the RTX 2080 Ti or GTX 1080 Ti, when the more efficient and cheaper models in the RTX 30/20 series forced the price tag charged on these cards.