October 4, 2023

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Slimming Lists: Understanding How a Weight Loss Plan Works - 05/05/2022

Slimming Lists: Understanding How a Weight Loss Plan Works – 05/05/2022

Each week, five different menus for those who want to lose weight and make healthy eating a habit. This is a suggestion Slimming Lists – VivaBem. Next, we explain how to follow the plan.

Subscribers UOL Receive exclusive, unpublished menus every Saturday, Monday through Friday, with suggestions for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. On the weekend, you repeat the meals you loved the most — breakfast on Wednesday, lunch on Friday, dinner on Monday, or even a meal from the menus from weeks past.

Since the idea is to lose weight in a healthy way, without restrictions, you are entitled to eat something from the menu once a week – the suggestion is to leave this escape for Saturday or Sunday, when there are more social events and more. The diet is difficult to maintain. Just don’t overdo it. Eat only one hamburger, for example, not a combo with soda and fries. Or eat the regular meal from our menu and then eat your favorite dessert.

Menus prepared for the first 12 weeks by Victor Machado, Dietitian who specializes in behavioral nutrition and columnist at live well. The expert advocates an “honest relationship with food,” which allows you to lose weight by eating everything (even the menus contain acai and chocolate!), without having to keep counting calories, limiting portions, or restricting food groups. For this, the secret is to prioritize the consumption of natural products: meat, eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables and vegetables, which are nutritious and encourage satiety.

In addition to the weekly menus, every Saturday subscribers will receive a special recipe and shopping list of the ingredients they will use for the week, to plan meals and ensure nothing is lost to follow the diet. Lists to lose weight Bring in tips on healthy eating and weight loss and respond via email and in articles to readers’ questions about diet.

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Unpublished lists and tips are sent via email (only a UOL subscriber who registers to receive VivaBem Newsletter) And also It can be accessed here at live well (Where you will find all the lists, tips and questions already posted).

Readers not subscribed to UOL can also receive free food and weight loss tips directly in the email, just sign up for VivaBem Newsletter (But they won’t have access to lists, questions, and some tips exclusive to subscribers.)

Check the daily schedule of menus for weight loss

– Saturday (exclusively for UOL subscribers)
Newsletter and article with the five menus to follow from Monday to Friday, shopping list and recipe

– Monday
Newsletter and article with tips on healthy eating

– Tuesday
Newsletter with healthy eating tips
FAQ (subscriber only)

– Wednesday
Newsletter and article with tips on healthy eating

– Thursday
Newsletter with healthy eating tips
Materials with specific tips about listings (exclusively for subscribers)

– Friday
Newsletter and article with tips on healthy eating