December 2, 2023

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Slovenia abandons Eliezer, but her brother insists on the TV News case

Slovenia abandons Eliezer, but her brother insists on the TV News case

number BBB 22 (Globe)And Slovenia Marques I decided to put an end to the romantic plans Eliezer Netto. On Friday (21), the model dumped the businessman and warned that she only sees him as a brother. However, the Beboka member did not give up and continued to assault the colleague in custody.

“Is he there [Eslovênia] He started saying that [Netto] He has characteristics that he likes, “provocation Rodrigo MusaAnd soon the sister replied: “I said that three people have qualities that I like.”

Enthusiastic Super Race Winner Leader and Owner Gossip followed her: “So, little brother is damned. He’s already climbed to another level.” “Seriously, I don’t think anything will happen between me and Ellie, because I can feel no other feeling than brotherhood,” warned Slovenia.

The commercial director commented, “But for Ellie, right?”. “Wait for the cachasa to come. Don’t treat me like a brother, the weather is just right. [como] My brother again. The cachacha comes, and the brother leaves, as Neto suggested, which made his sister laugh.

Then she furthered her goals with fellow Popcorn. “I want Ellie very much as my friend here,” she said. And the Rio de Janeiro native warned: “But do you think it will be different? No matter what it is.”

This Thursday (20) Netto Suggest an artistic kiss in Slovenia To “give an audience” within the program.

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