November 30, 2023

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Smiles offers a bonus of up to 80% on transferring Livelo points

The smiling Progress Bonus up to 80% on Livelo Points Transfers. The offer is valid until tomorrow (24) only.


Check out the bonus below:

  • 80% bonus: Clube Livelo subscribers or subscribers to Clube Smiles or Diamond customers;
  • 50% bonus: other Smiles customers.

How to participate

  1. registration in promotion page between 05/23/2022 and 05/24/2022;
  2. Transfer from 10,000 Livelo points to Smiles until 5/24/2022;
  3. Earn up to 80% of bonus miles, which will be credited until 07/06/2022.

Don’t have a Smiles Club?

If you are interested in being a part of Smiles ClubIn partnership with the program, we got a special condition: extra miles in your subscription! Check out the available plans:

Find out how the Smiles Club works.

important information

  • There is a limit of 300,000 additional miles per CPF or family account;
  • Transferred Smiles Miles will be valid as per the Smiles Program Participant Tier, subject to the terms of the Smiles Program Regulations.;
  • Bonus miles earned in this offer are valid for 12 months;
  • Miles will be credited to your Smiles account until 07/06/2022.


This could be an opportunity to convert your Livelo points into Smiles with a bonus of up to 80%. Despite this, consider that the offer is less risky than the last exclusive offer between companies which Bonus offered up to 100% in March.

Are you thinking of participating? For more information, access promotion site.

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