May 25, 2024

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Solange combines game strategy and James

Solange combines game strategy and James

Solange Gomez called on Thiago Picuelo so the two could combine strategies to save themselves from “farm 13” (RecordTV) on the “left one.” The pawn was surprised.

“If you’re third, you get to the rescue,” Solange said.

James replied, “Me? That’s cool, I’m happy! I’ll like it.” “You and Bill are two people I owe you.”

“You see who will save. If you save Tati, you will save MC Bill. If you save me, I will save Valentina. You have to see if MC Bill saves Valentina.”

Thiago asks for “special attention to Valentina” and Solange says she intends to introduce her, so she wants to incorporate the “one left over” strategy. “If you save MC Gui, he saves Tati and you save me. If you save me…” the girl continued.

“I’m trembling,” James interrupted, laughing. “Monster, isn’t it?”

Solange continued: “Yeah… So, if you save me, I’ll save Tati, and Tati will save MC Gui, then we’ll see if MC Gui saves Valentina.”

“The only principle I give is that I will save the MC Gui because he took me out of some domain. However, I still owe you. If given the opportunity, I will repay you for the kindness you have been shown to me,” the pawn promised.