June 12, 2024

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Daniel Craig chooses Football Coach as the best coach for this role

Daniel Craig chooses Football Coach as the best coach for this role

I know Farewell to the role of James Bond after 15 yearsAnd Daniel Craig He decided to enter into a discussion about who should succeed him at the helm of the franchise 007. An ardent fan of Liverpool and possessing a unique sense of humour, the star decided to target only the German football coach yourgen club, responsible for the team, as your favorite person to live the character. paying off.

“I adore him, so yeah”The actor said between laughter. “I’ve been fortunate enough to meet you a few times and just want to follow him. [ex-técnico lendário do Manchester United]. He’s a leader, so I think he’s already surpassed James Bond in some way.”, is over.

At the beginning No time to dieCraig’s farewell to the character, James Bond retires from the life of an agent, but his peace is broken when his old friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), who works for the CIA, seeks his help, setting Bond on the trail of a new villain armed with dangerous technology.

Still back to the cast Leah Seydoux like Madeline, Ralph Fiennes like m, Christoph Waltz Like Blofeld and Ben and Shaw as s.

The movie is directed by Carrie Joji FukunagaAnd Forecasts are forecast for the first time in Brazil September 30.

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