May 25, 2024

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Solange Couto sees divine intervention in the creation of the phrase "Né toy, no" TV News

Solange Couto sees divine intervention in the creation of the phrase “Né toy, no” TV News

Solange Couto has had one of the biggest successes of her career with the hilarious Dona Jura, from o clone (2001), Worth a See Again . Next Show. The character’s phrase, “Né toy, no,” became a phenomenon and is still remembered to this day. The actress says she was the one who created the logo, but credits her inspiration to God’s intervention.

“Oh game, no” was made by Heaven’s Father. I usually talk to him, ask him to inspire me something different, and he made me say it all of a sudden, when I was going out ”, says the translator in an interview with Globo broadcast to the press on Monday (27).

employment Gloria Perez’s plot, Jura was a hardworking woman and bar owner, the scene of many cameos that Solange fondly remembers. “Some of them were very special: Pele, who was the first to go, then the hero of the Brazilian national team, and Osvaldo Sargentelli. [1924-2002], who texted me and asked Gloria to bring him. It was very exciting.”

The actress highlights being called by her character’s name to this day and that she still carries some of it with her. “I have a dress for her in the store and it’s a lovely keepsake,” she says. “Sometimes I make shrimp pie, same recipe!”

She says that she intends to watch the reruns of the series and assures that she does not judge her acting in the old works: “Although 20 years have passed, in the case of my character it is as if it was yesterday. I will definitely watch it. – criticism is no longer appropriate.” cloning Premiere October 9.

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