May 19, 2024

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Petal accuses Marcos Araujo of using Livia Andrade to beat her

Petal accuses Marcos Araujo of using Livia Andrade to beat her

Then Petal Barreros turned around Livia Andrade Retrieve videos of complaints against the father of the influencer. In 2011, Altemir Barreiros and his brother Altair were arrested on suspicion of attempting to steal jewelry in the interior of São Paulo.

Livia posted on Instagram clips from “Hoje em Dia” (TV record) commenting on the case and asked: “Example coming from home?”

The story of Livia Andrade

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“Again, my ex-boyfriend is hiding behind his girlfriend of mine. And again, since the beginning of the year, she has been trying to reach out to my dad. I’m so nervous that I can’t stand the accusations against my dad anymore,” Petal also said in his stories.

“Everything you post is not a secret to anyone. It was in Fantástico, Jornal Nacional. It is not a hidden story, everyone is tired of knowing this story. My father responds in court and I am here to defend him and I will go to the end, because I have character and honor and I will defend my parents until the last A day in my life,” the influencer continued.

Then, she sent a message to her ex-husband, Marcos Araujo, but without mentioning the name of the CEO of Audiomix.

Stop hiding behind your girlfriend. You use it to talk about my father. Why don’t you talk about me because you have nothing to talk about about me. You’re trying to hide behind a story to make up for everything you did to me.”

Then he addressed Livia:

“Stop defending him. You are using my family again to hurt me, talk about me. Livia, you have nothing to do with this story, you are not my ex-wife, you are not the father of my children, leave me alone peace, for the love of all that is sacred,” said Petal.

Don’t you understand that he’s using you like a little chess piece? He’s just doing this to take me, it’s his only motive, and you’re a user. How do you position yourself in this role? Aren’t you a feminist? That’s what I don’t understand. Can’t you see it? Everyone sees it.

Livia Andrade Story - Clone / Instagram - Clone / Instagram

The story of Livia Andrade

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

In addition to the videos about the accusations against Petala’s father, Livia also posted photos that were to be taken from the security camera at the entrance to the Marcos Building. “Is it normal the day before a DNA test for a person to hang out at the ex-husband’s house?” asked the actress, who showed two women walking on the sidewalk.

Yanka Barreros, Petal’s sister, responded to Livia by posting a series of videos of her leaving her house.

“Here I’m showing you, because then they will send me walking (…) Look where I just got. At my ex-husband’s brother’s house. If you look at the stories, don’t give it even 2 minutes [de caminhada]. Look how amazing it is! Why is there a video of my sister walking in the door? “Because it’s on the same street as my house,” he said.

“Now I can’t leave the house anymore, I can’t walk, I’m chasing. Honey, you’re chasing us. I was the one who was at the door for my nephew’s DNA, to whom this had nothing to do with,” continued Yanka.

NS UOL I called Livia Andrade’s lawyer looking for a position. The text will be updated as soon as you return.

understand the situation

earlier this year, Petala Barrios accused Marcos Araujo of aggression and treason. At the time, in a series of videos posted, the influencer stated that she only spoke about the topic due to questions from her followers and revealed that she continues to receive threats because of if pronounced in or case.

Petal and Marcus, parents of Lucas and Lorenzo, have a legal dispute after she talks candidly about the relationship.

Marcos got a favorable court decisionWhich prevents Petal from touching your name in any media. The influencer has already taken a precautionary measure against ex.

last week, Livia Andrade was seen escorting Marcos Araujo during an exam DNA For boy Lucas. The scene was filmed and posted on social media by Amputation.

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