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The future of Douglas Costa, Inter with a focus on Fortaleza and much more in the first mid-2022 summary |  football

The future of Douglas Costa, Inter with a focus on Fortaleza and much more in the first mid-2022 summary | football

Recovered from the holiday season? Did you take a break from football in those first two days of 2022? do not worry. We’re here to help you stay up to date with everything that’s happened in Market Center At the beginning of the new year.

Well, there hasn’t been much news… but the week promises to speed up some negotiations, with several clubs already back in training. The year has begun!!!

So, again Happy 2022, and #partiuresumão

Douglas Costa and Vanderson’s future

After Diego Sousa was reassigned, another player who was not initially in Grêmio’s plans for 2022, but could continue in the colors of Rio Grande do Sul, is striker Douglas Costa. President Romildo Bolzan revealed on Sunday that the player has the desire to stay at the club.

Douglas Costa has revealed his desire to stay at Grêmio in 2022 – Photo: Lucas Uebel / Divulgação Grêmio

Douglas Costa has a contract with Grêmio until June 2022, but with a clause that is automatically extended until the end of 2023.. Meanwhile, club Atlético MG and Sao Paulo, who have already expressed their interest in signing the player, have been suspended.

The striker is expected to return to Brazil this week and begin to deal with his future.

This is actually Grêmio’s departure is Vanderson, who was made official by Monaco on the first day of the year.. The player used his social networks to bid farewell to the club from Rio Grande do Sul and apologize for relegation to the second division.

Eduardo Moura comments on Jean Berry’s departure and deals involving Douglas Costa and Fenderson

Inter are eyeing David, but Fortaleza is making a tough game

Another club from Rio Grande do Sul that had a busy start to 2022 behind the scenes of the market is Internacional. Colorado has already started talks to try to sign striker David, who is currently at Fortaleza. The player became a substitute because negotiations with Marinho did not develop.

David in Fortaleza plans for 2022 – Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Palmeiras president, Leila Pereira, has used her social networks to wish her fans a happy 2022, but also to demand calm. With Verdão still shy in the market, many fans are already showing their impatience on the internet. However, the actor emphasized that everything was “under control.”

“I know you get a little anxious sometimes, but hold on a little anxious, it’s all under control”

Leila Pereira, the new president of Palmeiras, spreads the end of the year message to the fans

Leila Pereira, the new president of Palmeiras, spreads the end of the year message to the fans

The rooster gives a formal attacker, but it can lose a double defender

I am still waiting for introduction with coach Jorge Jesus, Atlético-MG officially appointed striker Ademir in the early hours of 2022, who is one of his main rivals, América-MG last year. The 26-year-old signed a contract with Gallo until December 2024.

New Rooster Boost: Ademir's Best Moments in 2021

New Rooster Boost: Ademir’s Best Moments in 2021

On the other hand, the current Brazilian and Copa Brazil champion He may lose his double title in the first halfa. That’s because Nathan Silva, 24, and Junior Alonso, 28, have proposals from European football and could leave the team in this transfer window.

Nathan Silva’s proposal comes from Italian football, and its value is estimated at 6 million euros (38 million Brazilian riyals). Junior Alonso is already in the crosshairs of Krasnodar, from Russia, with a proposal of 8 million euros, about 50 million Brazilian reals.

The two players will receive much higher salaries than those paid by Atlético-MG in 2021.

Junior Alonso Atlético MG – Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atletico MG

America-MG confirms two more

Iago Maidana Sport x Salgueiro – Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

In 2022, America-MG is preparing to battle its first Libertadores. Minas Gerais will join Guarani, from Paraguay, as a contender in the knockout stage of the second stage of the qualifiers.

Pablo does not respond to Ciara, who is already seeking another striker

After Ciara committed to paying 100% of striker Pablo’s salaries and receiving an “OK” from São Paulo for a loan, there was only the player’s endorsement to complete the deal. Nothing has happened yet.

Thus, the club’s board of directors from Ceará is already moving in the market in search of another player for the position. According to his source GiveThe proposal is “overdue,” given the silence that has prevailed in recent days.

Central de Mercado: Ciara is trying to sign striker Pablo from Sao Paulo

Central de Mercado: Ciara is trying to sign striker Pablo from Sao Paulo

Castan says goodbye to Vasco who is waiting for Raniel

Waiting for an agreement to terminate your contract, Defender Leandro Castan said on Sunday that he no longer plays for Vasco With that, he will not be in the cast’s pre-season presentation, scheduled for Monday.

This is the first time Castan has spoken about his situation at Vasco since the desire not to stay at the club surfaced in December.

Leandro Castaña, defender Vasco – Photo: Alexandre Durao

The last one not to take part in the show is Ecuadorean defender Luis Kanga, who has tested positive for Covid-19They will be isolated in Guayaquil over the next few days. The player is one of the six athletes already announced by the club and remains at the start until the end of Carioca, with the option to renew.

Who should attend the first day and the 2022 training is striker Raniel, which will be loaned by Santos until the end of the year. The player will undergo medical examinations before they are officially announced.

Botafogo has half of the cast without a contract

2021 ended and with it Botafogo saw 14 players from the professional team lose their contracts. Most were already out of plans for the board, which is still trying to replenish with three names featured in the Series B title campaign: midfielders Barreto and Luis Oyama and attacking midfielder Marco Antonio.

Cuiaba announces Valdivia

One of the most active clubs on the market, Cuiaba made official on Sunday night its 10th promotion for 2022. It is about the midfielder Valdivia, formerly Internacional, Vasco, Sao Paulo, Atletico MG who was in Avai.For which he got entry to the Italian Serie A last year.

Born in Guacchiara, inside Mato Grosso, the 27-year-old returned to playing for a club in the state after being exposed by Rondonópolis.

Valdivia, Cuiaba promotion – Photo: AssCom Dourado

And to finish….look at him here again!

2021 is over, 2022 begins, and if there is a character present in almost all summaries, it is Uruguayan striker Cavani, Corinthians dream of consuming for next season.

Cavani and Diego Costa ... Bruno Kasucci talked about Corinthians' search for a 9 shirt

Cavani and Diego Costa … Bruno Kasucci talked about Corinthians’ search for a 9 shirt

“He knows for sure that I won’t let him go. For me he is a very important player for the rest of the season. We are in three competitions so we will definitely need Eddie.”

The first two days of the year, he was so excited!

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