December 4, 2023

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State Department of Health Bulletin - Novel Coronavirus

State Department of Health Bulletin – Novel Coronavirus

The State Department of Health (SES-PE), this Saturday (21/08), recorded 477 cases of Covid-19. Of the confirmed cases today, 58 (12%) are severe acute respiratory syndrome (SRAG) cases and 419 (88%) are mild. Now, the total number of confirmed cases in Pernambuco is 603,534, of which 53,025 are serious and 550,509 are mild cases, distributed in all 184 municipalities of Pernambuco, as well as the Fernando de Noronha archipelago.

In addition, the bulletin recorded a total of 534,511 patients who recovered from the disease. Of those, 31,448 patients were in critical condition and required hospitalization, and 503,063 were mild.

Also, 25 new deaths (13 female and 12 male) were confirmed that occurred between 11/27/2020 and 8/20/2021 as well. news Deaths of persons residing in the municipalities of Abreu e Lima (3), Agrestina (1), Cabo de Santo Agostinho (3), Camaragibe (1), Caruaru (1), Garanhuns (1), Glória do Goitá (1), Paulista (6) ), Recife (6), São Lourenço da Mata (1), Serra Talhada (1). That brings the state’s total death toll to 19,287 from the disease.

The patients’ ages ranged between 40 and 94 years. The age groups are: 40 to 49 (6), 50 to 59 (4), 60 to 69 (6), 70 to 79 (3), 80 or more (6). Of the total, 19 had pre-existing diseases: cardiovascular disease (14), diabetes (10), hypertension (6), obesity (3), kidney disease (2), stroke (1), cancer ( 1), respiratory disease (1) ), smoking history (1) – the patient may have more than one co-morbidity. The others are under investigation.

Transparency – Pernambuco is the most transparent state in the northeast when it comes to disclosing data on the novel coronavirus epidemic. The state takes 4th place in the ranking of the whole country, with a score of 90 points, and is shown in the high level of the quality of this information. This analysis is part of the Covid-19 Transparency Index (ITC-19 3.0), a study conducted by the Brazilian division of Open Knowledge International (OKBR) – a non-governmental organization that is present today in 66 countries, working in the areas of management transparency and the opening of public data.

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In this new edition of ITC Third Edition, which gathered information in August, the work highlights that Pernambuco scored a full score when analyzing data for cases and deaths from severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), with the causative agent identified. The publication confirms this criterion in this round for having found 12 entities (11 states and federal territories) without scores on this item, which are necessary to identify a potential epidemic exacerbation or underreporting of cases.

The analysis also indicates that Pernambuco has qualified for the Vaccination Monitoring Committee, an environment launched last June. Overall, the index evaluates 36 criteria, spread over three axes – content, detail and form – to make the national ranking, which, in addition to the states and the federal district, also includes the federal government.

“During the entire pandemic, the State Department of Health has been constantly working to inform the population of cases of Covid-19, and since January of this year, on the vaccination process. Along the way, we are interested in suggestions from technical areas and recommendations from oversight bodies, civil society and the general public to qualify the information, And give more transparency to the data. We believe that this transparency is essential for dialogue with the population about the state of the epidemic in our state and so that together we can overcome this serious health crisis”, says Minister of State for Health, Andre Longo.

The director emphasized that the department maintains the daily publication of an epidemiological bulletin containing data on mild cases, severe cases and deaths from the Covid-19 virus, in addition to vaccination. “We also continue to hold our press conference online, and now we are also receiving in person journalists who want to participate in the local situation,” he asserts.

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Vaccination scale – Pernambuco has already applied 7,320,972 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 among its residents, since the start of the state’s immunization drive. Of this total, 2,231,118 people from Pernambuco completed their vaccination schedules, with 2,058,447 people vaccinated with the two-dose immunization agents and another 172,671 people from Pernambuco who received a single-dose vaccine. And therefore , Pernambuco already has 30.63% of the population eligible for this campaign with a full vaccination schedule.

Regarding the first doses only, there were 5,089,854 applications. Altogether, 324,650 health workers were given the first dose. 26,147 indigenous people in villages; 45,540 in Quilombola communities; 7,700 seniors in long-stay institutions; 683,153 elderly people aged between 60 and 69 years; 611,773 seniors aged 70 or over; 2463 persons with disabilities in institutions; 426,025 people with comorbidities; 35,599 people with permanent disabilities; 74,372 pregnant and postpartum women; 418,286 essential service workers; 1,935 people are homeless; 30,946 people deprived of their liberty, 1,462 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17, and 2,399,803 people between the ages of 18 and 59.

Regarding the second doses, 272,046 health workers have already benefited; 25,974 indigenous people in the villages; 42,791 in Quilombola communities; 5,943 elderly in institutions; 570,192 elderly people aged between 60 and 69 years; 525,766 elderly people aged 70 or over; 1,191 people with disabilities in institutions; 19,686 people with comorbidities; 11,440 people with permanent disabilities; 15,221 pregnant and postpartum women; 127,691 essential service workers; 666 people live on the streets; 28,463 persons deprived of their liberty; In addition to 235,377 people aged between 18 and 59, a total of 2,058,447 Pernambuco.

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Regarding the single dose, 2,186 elderly people aged 60–69 years benefited; 564 elderly people aged 70 and over; 2502 people with comorbidities; 373 people with permanent disabilities; 12,282 essential service workers; 1,016 people are homeless, in addition to 153,748 people between the ages of 18 and 59.

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