May 22, 2024

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Streamers Join Union Against Twitch Payment Policy

Streamers Join Union Against Twitch Payment Policy

New subscription pricing penalizes broadcasters with low subscriber volume

Brazilian Signs Take a Stand on New Subscription Fee for Twitch, which, despite allowing the community to contribute more easily with their favorite channels, because it cares about gaining in subscription volume, ends up penalizing channel monetization.

In the face of these changes, many streamers are already commenting on the changes in their social networks, and now they have joined the Streamers Union. The name is more of a meme than an institution to regulate the broadcasting profession, but it’s still a way to try to squeeze Twitch To review the way in which income generation and payment policies are practiced in the country, as they clearly see a potential market in Brazil to the point of creating a local registration fee, and not just converting from dollars to reals.

The initiative came from paiN Gaming adventurer Matheus “Pipoca”, who was extremely frustrated at finding subscriptions that drastically reduced the revenue of his channel, which is far from small with more than 500,000 followers on the platform. Despite Twitch’s policy to insure a Streamer device with a standard contract at 50% of the value per subscription, this does not take into account US government taxes that are directly levied on the portion of Streamer, nor is apportioned in proportion to the portion of the subscription that remains with the platform.

We are not looking for government regulation. We want the solution directly with the platform, and we want to move away from having any kind of regulation for Twitch. We don’t want a formal contract, we don’t want a minimum wage, we want to do the job the way Twitch has always done, and the only thing we’re looking for is to get at least a decent amount for it. It’s 100% independent, you do your work and your schedule, let’s start with that – danielhe4rt

– Continues after announcement –

The meeting lasted about half an hour, was open to the public and was attended by about 200 people who, in addition to listening to the speeches of Bebuca and Daniel “Daniel 4 RT”, were also able to participate. Both streamers emphasized the motivation behind the mobilization that has occurred over the past week, asking streamers who have already joined the movement to come forward to help pressure Twitch on their demands.

Despite the name Union, as a joke, the goal is not to create an organization to fight for workers’ rights or regulate the broadcasting profession, but merely to organize the community that streams on Twitch and consumes its content to enforce a monetization policy that is in place as well, according to the Subscriptions Value website, ensuring they don’t suffer Brazilian broadcasting channels, large and small, from a sudden drop in revenue, as the growth in the volume of subscriptions does not follow progress commensurate with the decline in prices.

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