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Summary of the chapters of the week from 2/14 to 2/19 · TV news

Summary of the chapters of the week from 2/14 to 2/19 · TV news

Monday 3/14 Semester (Chapter 109)
Lara and Ravi go to the Confins in search of Thaiane. Teodoro Christian/Renato tells that Elenes is not feeling well. Rebecca is worried about Cecilia and Edgar getting close.

Lara and Ravi discover that Jeronimo is alive and deduce that Tayan is Nuka’s granddaughter. Noka learns from Lara that Tae is her granddaughter. Erica receives a call from Stephanie on Christian/Renato’s cell phone.

Tuesday 15/3 Semester (Chapter 110)
Nuka tells Tayan that he has not given up on Jeronimo.Nuka leaves her contact with Jeronimo’s secretary. Ilana reveals to Brino that she is with Gabriella. Erica learns from Stephanie that her sister is having an affair with Christian / Renato. Ronnie makes Stefani desperate when he knocks on the door of her apartment.

Wednesday, 3/16 (Chapter 111)
Taian and Lara are afraid that Noka wants to talk to Jeronimo. Rebecca confesses to Ilana that she is jealous of Edgar’s relationship with Cecilia. Breno apologizes to Júlia for not attending the meeting they arranged. Barbara Christian/Renato follows in the car with her daughter and ends up meeting her husband as he talks to Erica.

Thursday 3/17 (Chapter 112)
She encourages Lara and Tayan Noka to forgive Anibal. Barbara was arrested for leaving Lyudmila in the car. Noca makes it clear to Jerônimo that he will fight for Thaiane rights. Santiago rescues Barbara on bail from prison.

Christian / Renato is devastated when he learns that he and Barbara may lose custody of Ludmila. Edgar and Rebecca kiss. Nicole tells Barbara about Stephanie and Christian / Renato’s relationship.

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Friday, 3/18 (Chapter 113)
Barbara Christian/Renato is shocked by telling the judge that she wants Lyudmila back. Christian / Renato swears he will fight for Lyudmila. Rebecca and Nicole try to rebuild Barbara. Cecilia argues with Rebecca. Santiago asks Cristian/Renato to remove Redentor immediately and announces that he will occupy the presidency. Cecilia decides to accept a job offer in Milan.

Saturday 3/19 (Chapter 114)
Julia follows Edgar’s advice and ends her relationship with Breno. Felipe tells Anna Virginia that he is going back to Brazil. Teodoro asks Christian/Renato to help take care of Elenes. Tian tells Noka that she will accept a job offer at a hostel in Petropolis.

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