May 18, 2024

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Felipe Neto announces his support against Jade Bacon

Felipe Neto announces his support against Jade Bacon

Tense atmosphere between the brothers inside and outside the house! After forming a new wall inBBB 22″ (TV Globo), between Arthur Aguiar, Jade Picon and Jessilane, Felipe Neto has used social networks to announce his support against the influencer.

According to YouTube, he had hoped Jade and Arthur would stay home to keep the rivalry alive, but after the sister stated that she would donate prize money to foundations in a permanence letter, he began cheering for her departure.

He said “sorry…using the prize donation as currency to request to stay at the BBB, for me, is totally unacceptable.”

Then, he reiterated his support for deleting the influencer from the week.

“I was way 3rd on this wall because Jade and Arthur generate entertainment…but after ‘Leave Me Home and I’ll Donate the Prize to 5 Institutions’, I am #FORAJADE in full force. Low game. UNACCEPTABLE.” , Felipe Neto reinforced.

BBB 22: Felipe Neto announces his support against Jade Picon

Photo: Playback / Twitter

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