May 29, 2024

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Taliban leader: Afghan women will not be able to exercise |  Globalism

Taliban leader: Afghan women will not be able to exercise | Globalism

Women will be prohibited from exercising in Afghanistan, said one of the cultural leaders in TalibanAhmadullah Wasiq in an interview with Australian television network SBS.

According to Waseeq, women’s sport It is inappropriate and unnecessary. He specifically spoke of cricket, which is widely practiced in that region of Asia.

“I don’t think that women will not be allowed to play cricket, because it is not necessary for women to play cricket. In cricket, they can be in positions that do not cover their faces and bodies, and Islam does not allow them to see them in this way.

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“This is the media age, there will be photos and video [de mulheres praticando esportes]And people will be able to watch. Islam and the Islamic Emirate (the way the Taliban refer to the regime itself) do not allow women to play cricket or the sports they are exposed to.

Interim government without women

On Tuesday (7), Taliban leaders announced The first names of the interim government from Afghanistan. nothing no woman. All the ministers are from the Taliban.

The European Union said, on Wednesday, that the extremist group did not abide by its agreement to involve different groups in the formation of the government.

The European Union mainly complained of a lack of ethnic and religious diversity.

Protesting women’s rights

On September 4 there was a file Protesting women’s rights in Kabulthe country’s capital. On that occasion, the women alleged that the Taliban fired tear gas and pepper spray as they tried to walk from a bridge to the presidential palace.

There were other similar protests in Kabul as well as in Herat, Afghanistan’s third largest city.

Women demanded the right to work and be integrated into government.

Only women will be able to study separately from men

As decided by the Taliban rules for women To enroll in universities: Afghan students must wear a black abaya (a long dress worn by Muslims) and a hijab, which is the niqab that covers the face and only shows the eyes.

The classes will not mix, according to a decree issued by the new Taliban regime.

In addition, women registered in these institutions are required to leave the room five minutes before the students and wait in the waiting rooms until leaving the venue, according to the decree dated Saturday (4) which was published by the Ministry of Education. high education.

Universities will also have to “hire female professors” or try to hire “older professors” whose ethics have been tested.

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