September 22, 2023

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The actor's wife forcefully ends the live interview, leaving Sonia Abrau shocked

The actor’s wife forcefully ends the live interview, leaving Sonia Abrau shocked


Stênio Garcia was doing a live interview with Sonia Abrão’s team when his wife, Marilene Saade, suddenly interrupted him.

Sonia Abrau is puzzled by the position of Stenio Garcia's wife
© Playback / RedeTVSonia Abrau is puzzled by the position of Stenio Garcia’s wife

Stenio Garcia He ended up starring, unintentionally, in an awkward situation during a live interview with journalist Sonia Abrau, of RedeTV’s “A Tarde é Sua”: While speaking to the reporter, the actor His wife interrupted himwho was forcibly removed from the chat, for not wearing a protective COVID-19 mask.

The conversation with the veteran artist took place live, and the team of Sonya and the presenter herself could not contain their astonishment at the scene. It all started when Stênio was talking to the program’s reporter, and The actor’s wife Marilyn interrupted the happiness of the moment without asking permission from the reporter.

She then criticized Stênio for not wearing a mask during the conversation, and tried to put protection on her husband’s face in a brutal way. Obviously, the artist was upset, and even asked for “help”, while explaining the reason for this situation. “You can’t get coronavirus, you haven’t had it yet,” she said, without responding to her husband’s request. Marilyn replied, “No, sorry.” Reporter trying to defuse the situation.

An embarrassing situation

As the scene happened live, The reaction of Sonia and the columnists who followed him The journalist in the studio was puzzled, as evidenced by the video that went viral on social networks late on Wednesday afternoon (13). The presenter seemed angry at Marilyn’s position in forcing her to end the interview.

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As soon as the couple left the interview, the reporter who interviewed Stênio said it was an “awkward situation”. in sequence, Marilyn has been criticized by Sonia Abrau and her columnistswho did not like the way you approached the old warrior to force him to wear a protective mask.