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Juju Salimeni complains of abuse and miserable salary in panic

Juju Salimeni complains of abuse and miserable salary in panic

jojo salmini The game opened about working on Pânico na TV (2003-2012). She, as a theater assistant, did not have a working relationship. The model and other freaks earned just R$200 per show, which was far less than expected at the time. “It was a phase in which we were very exploited,” he said.

The fitness model kicked off an interview with Tata Estaniecki and Bruna Unzueta on Wednesday at PodDelas: “I’ve always earned more on the internet than I ever earned on TV, especially at Pânico, which was a nominal salary. It was R$200 per recording, very little.” Podcast (13).

Jojo explained that most of the RedeTV! It won’t be allowed even today, precisely because it involves it Challenges that require a lot of mental balance, as well as courage.

The influencer now said, “Nothing that happened at that point today would be allowed, either in terms of the semantics of the joke or the work issue. We didn’t have a contract or salary or nothing. It was abandoned. It was a show.”

She also spoke of a series of situations that she now understands as offensive and that have characterized her psychologically:

It was crazy, both the disgusting things we ate and the places we played and the “fear” adventures. Today I won’t do anything else. Today I’m a bitch, I’m afraid of everything. I guess I’m in shock that I can’t do anything else. If you put me on a slide, I’m afraid. Whatever I did, I can’t replicate most of it. I don’t have the courage to do anything else.

At the time, Juju earned most of her money to support herself from events outside of the show, as well as television. “We had a very good stage of events. We were well appointed to attend. We worked a lot with her, so we made really good money,” he said.

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Juju said she didn’t choose to leave the show, but due to a feud with Nicole Bahls, she ended up being removed from the show indefinitely. In the midst of this, she was finally able to be hired by the station, but she did not wait for a response from Pânico’s direction in order to be able to return to the stage.

“Mental torture,” I identified the previous panic when talking about waiting for the program’s decision. After a month of uncertainty, Juju was awarded a spot on the Legendários Show, by Marcos Mion.

In general, the model was on TV Panic from 2008 to 2011. In Legendários, Juju stayed longer, from 2011 to 2017, leaving only when the attraction was cut off from the network. She became a reporter for Band’s Show de Esporte in 2018.

See the full interview below.