May 25, 2024

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The application promises cash payment for receiving calls;  Trustworthy?

The application promises cash payment for receiving calls; Trustworthy?

Brazilians began searching on the Internet for a way to increase their income. Found a lot in small task applications source extra money. Recently, a new platform has gained prominence among YouTubers and influencers: ringapp. Find out how it works below!

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How does Ringapp work?

It works like this: To earn money on Ringapp, users must answer phone calls. These are “test calls” made, apparently, by telephone operators.

As the platform’s official website explains, the goal is to “test the quality of long-distance calls.” In this sense, for each incoming call, users receive between 1 and 10 cents on the dollar.

It is worth noting that Ringapp is an international application, therefore, payments made through it are made via PayPal. For this reason alone, no withdrawals or transfers can be made via PIX.

Can you trust the app? Does it really pay?

Currently, Ringapp cannot be downloaded from the app stores. To do this, you need to download a file apkwhich are tools that do not have the appropriate security check for Play Store or App Store.

In other words, these applications can cause a huge headache to the users, as they can act as intermediaries for spyware, which causes information theft and invasion of hackers.

Another point to note is that there is no reliable evidence of PayPal deposits or withdrawals. Therefore, it is recommended not to download the application until its membership has been verified on more reliable platforms.