June 21, 2024

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The Brazilian has recorded the adventure of climbing Mount Whitney in the United States

The Brazilian has recorded the adventure of climbing Mount Whitney in the United States

Abdulla Ciode, a Brazilian photographer and video maker, has become accustomed to recording adventures in extreme sports in his professional practice. But this time he embarked on an unforgettable adventure, climbing Mount Whitney, the highest mountain on the Americas (descending the same day). The experience involved dangerous situations such as bear encounter, lightning and fear for life, and all were documented on video.

Brazilian Abdullah Chiod on his adventure in the United States (Personal Archive)

Photo: Get Started!

Mount Whitney is located in eastern-central California, near Death Valley National Park, 86 m below sea level. There is a 32km climb at an altitude of 1,900 meters. A walk between rocks, streams and rocks. A special permit is required to climb the mountain, which is purchased online and issued in small quantities each year.

Besides Abdullah, his girlfriend Miriam and two friends (Jimmy and Nicky) were part of the trip. They rented a motor home and camped for two days at an altitude of 10,000 feet on a nearby hill, taking some hikes to get used to the gentle mountain breeze. On the third day, the walk starts at 2:00 am, so you will need to carry a lot of supplies as there are no support points, bathrooms or any setting after starting the trail.

As the rain was forecast to come, there was a plan to retreat halfway to escape the storm. From the beginning to the top of the mountain, there are 12-hour hikes, stops to dine, document progress and relax.

– The path is very rough, there are not many places to climb, but the ground is full of rocks, slippery and sometimes the path is a bit confusing. Fatigue occurred after about 7 hours of walking. We thought about leaving several times due to the risk of fatigue and rain, but we did not stop for two reasons: first, we were already “close” above, five kilometers to go, and second it was, because we were so high, we could not see the dark clouds approaching because we already We were among them – Comments Abdullah: – We came upstairs completely exhausted and the dream of the journey started when we landed. . The adventure turned into a horror movie and we were almost dead.

The group with the Brazilians was one of those who descended the mountain before the storm started. After the onset of heavy hail, lightning struck very close to them. At that height there are no places to strike lightning, humans are like lightning rods. Descended 10 hours with the right to meet the bears along the way.

– Everyone felt the power of lightning, another person close to us felt his hands and head burn, he used sticks (canes) to help his walk – says 31-year-old Abdullah. Canal Off, for Netflix, on multiple trips covering events around the world.

The entire adventure will be documented on video and turned into a mini-documentary, which will be released on Seoul Abdullah’s networks and sent to major production companies.

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