May 28, 2024

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The COVID-19 vaccine will have to go to school

The Department of Health Announced today that vaccination will be needed against the upcoming school year Govit-19 For working age students.

According to the doctor Miguel Valencia, Who operates the Department of Health’s monitoring system, said compulsory vaccination would be one of the components implemented by the government with the aim that all children have the potential to receive a face-to-face education, hence the full school staff and eligible students who apply the administrative order.

At this time, the vaccine is limited Pfizer Emergency use has been approved by minors up to the age of 12, although federal authorities are expected to extend the authorization for use to younger children in the fall.

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Secretary of Health, Carlos MelladoHe noted that the guidelines on compulsory vaccination also apply to the country’s universities. Similarly, these measures apply to the private sector as well as educational institutions at the school and higher levels.

According to an administrative order issued by the secretary today, each student must present evidence that they received the first dose of the vaccine to enter the campus on the first day of class. If you received only one dose, you must comply with the second administration within 30 days of the start of the school year.

The administrative order states that “it is the responsibility of the student and their parents or guardians to submit an immunization certificate or document proving that they have completed the vaccination process against Govt-19 for acceptance at school.”

Today The Departure for education Announces protocols for administering face-to-face classes during the new school year.

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At a press conference this afternoon, Health Minister Puerto Rico said about 120,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 19 had not started the vaccination cycle, highlighting the need for efforts to focus on these people.

In that regard, Mellato explained, the Department of Health, in conjunction with a number of organizations, will organize a series of events, ‘VacuTour back to school‘, Especially targeting students, the details of which will be announced later.

In organizations that support the company in vaccination cases College of Physicians, Voices, The Puerto Rican Society of Pediatrics And this American Academy of Pediatrics, Its representatives attended the press conference.

Mellato pointed out that with regard to enrollment in educational institutions, the vaccine is accepted by the health department as an exception for health reasons or religious reasons, until they are certified by a physician or the vaccine “goes against the principles which are certified by an affidavit, respectively.

Victor Ramos, Chairman College of Physicians, Saw the order of the Department of Health with good eyes, and pointed out that the Secretary had more restrictive authority and would remove the exceptions to the vaccine he had maintained in the administrative order.

“Rule 25 (of 1983) enables the Secretary to remove even exceptions. We give people the opportunity to do the right thing, to be vaccinated and to be responsible. I do not like to be punished for not vaccinating, but those who are responsible are rewarded. You accept responsibility if you do not want to be vaccinated,” he said. Pediatrician.

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“Strategies” appeal

Asked why he chose the exceptions and the reasons for not extending the need for the vaccine to the entire working population, Melloto said the Department of Health was constantly changing its “strategies” to gain more protection, as well as the legal implications that it was imperative.

“Continuing promotion (vaccination) is what we want. If there are no results next week, I will change it. No problem, this is an order. What we want is for the health department to say, ‘We are going to vaccinate you.’ We will be in control, not only this, but with other people. Everyone here should be vaccinated, those who have been vaccinated should continue to wear masks and follow the restrictions, and it is not fair for our children to go to school. Insisted.

The Executive Order, signed by Mellato, states, “The preventive, restrictive and mitigation measures established in this Administrative Order apply to parents or guardians aged 12 years and over, as well as to employers and educational institutions in the public and private sector.”

The secretary explained that the rule refers to the opportunity for students’ guardians to enter the campus so that if the minor’s father, mother or guardian is not vaccinated, the student can enter the school. If it is vaccinated.

Valencia noted that the mandatory use of protocol masks developed between health and education is based on 10 points, such as the effectiveness of diagnostic tests for the vaccine and Govt-19, which is an infection determined on the basis of regional indicators.

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The doctor pointed out that schools are flexible for the need of physical distance, and students can sit within classrooms, less than three feet if necessary, so that everyone has a face-to-face education. A minimum distance of six feet outside the classroom will be “monitored”, and students will be encouraged to have lunch outside the dining room to avoid crowds.

He also mentioned that it is thought that air conditioners will be allowed to operate in classrooms as long as a window or door is open to allow air circulation.

Valencia argued that if infections were detected, the closure of a campus would likely be resolved on a case-by-case basis, so measures based on common indicators would not be implemented as they were last semester.

As of today, the positive rate for molecular tests in Puerto Rico is 5.7% and the single case rate is 5%. A month ago, both indicators were at 1%. Meanwhile, according to the portal Govt-19 monitoring, 65.9% of the total population received the first dose of the vaccine, and 57.3% completed the procedure.