May 19, 2024

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The deadline for the FGTS review has begun;  See where you can apply for the benefit

The deadline for the FGTS review has begun; See where you can apply for the benefit

Workers who have worked under formal contract since 1999 until today can apply to review the severance compensation fund (FGTS). The scale works as a file Monetary benefit correctionin exchanging the reference price (TR) for another with greater profitability.

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Work aims to increase Amounts Deposited in FGTS Since 1999, which has been suffering from continuous financial losses for not keeping pace with the fluctuations of inflation. TR is expected to be replaced by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC).

The review must be conducted directly in court. The recommendation of experts in this field is that the lawsuit be filed before the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which can only benefit those who have requested FGTS correction before the decision.

How to request an FGTS review?

to request FGTS review It can be conducted in special federal courts if the limit of the action is up to R$72,000 (60 minimum wage). In this case, the procedure is carried out by the applicant himself and does not need the help of a lawyer.

To find out if an application is worth it, a worker can access the LOIT FGTS calculator, which simulates how much each person can get from a fund correction. access to calculator Free and make the calculations.

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