June 9, 2023

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The end of Flay's toxic relationship is generating an explosion on social media

The end of Flay’s toxic relationship is generating an explosion on social media

São Paulo, Monday 9 May by Luca Ranoña from the site techno news Warm news for fans fly He follows the life of the “celebrity” no matter what happens. The previous post on bbb 20 posted on her social networks, and more specifically on her Instagram stories, the answer to a box of questions from an anonymous follower.

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The game was as follows, the 25-year-old singer created a question box with the following question topics: “Questions / Lie the truth / Suggestions / songs to sing”.

So, to take advantage of the given space, an anonymous follower curiously asked: “Have you ever contacted someone from your copy here????”. Controversy was born right?

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The response from ex bbb 20 was more complete than expected

So, in text form with a ride-sharing background, Fly answered the question: “Yes, and I’ve been stuck in it for so long, it made me feel bad, and he didn’t respect me or want me, but he insisted on standing in the way of those who came into my life to make me feel better. Good.” ..”

Fans have already spoken in the comments trying to guess who the person could be! Some called for the former, others thought of Babu; But whoever remained as a potential suspect was before that.

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Last year, even after the reality show ended, Fly and Pryor maintained their friendship for some time until the singer suddenly stopped following Felipe on social media. Fans questioned and Fly replied, “I have my reasons.”

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This would be further evidence that he could have been the candidate to answer this hot box that appeared this week, in the Fly Stories.

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Read Fly’s full answer

Anyway, to put you in that ruffle, here we leave Flay’s full answer to the question posed: “Yes, I’ve been stuck in it for so long, it made me feel bad, I didn’t respect or wanted it, but I made sure to stand in the way of those who came into my life to make me feel I’m fine, until I found someone who treated me like I deserve and decided to walk away to live my relationship in peace, I walked away but I managed to keep the affection and friendship, today after some situation that’s happened and I’ve been disappointed a lot lately (it had to happen to me to stop laying your hand in the fire because you don’t respect me) I’m really sorry for that.” Ex-sister ending.

Fly also referred to some situation that happened recently that also shook the idea he had of this mysterious person.

Fortunately, with these latest events, the 20-year-old’s ex-sister is learning to respect herself more and more. Flay is looking for a happier life, surrounded by people who truly respect her.

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