September 24, 2023

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Kawa Raymond calls the police for ex-BBB party |  Famous

Kawa Raymond calls the police for ex-BBB party | Famous

Kawa Raymond calls the police for Barbara Hick’s partyInternet cloning

Posted on 05/09/2022 07:55 | Updated on 05/09/2022 10:02

RIO – Former BBB Cauã Reymond summoned military police to end a party promoted by former BBB Bárbara Heck, at a condominium in the Joá neighborhood, in the western region of Rio, on Saturday night. This information is from columnist Lucas Pasin, of “Uol”.

Annoyed by the noise, the actor escorted the two cars to the scene. Arriving at the door, the former BBB came out to speak to the police. Also according to the columnist, Kawa appeared with the police at the party around 10:30 pm and asked them to turn down the music or end the party.

According to the guests, the actor did not make any requests to the doorman or to the neighbors themselves before the police were taken to the scene. “he is [Cauã] He asked us to stop the music because he was with his daughter at home. Everything was talked about in a good way. We lowered it a bit, but we didn’t finish the party. Kawa was very polite,” former BBB Barbara Heck told “Uol.”

She also said that a duet was singing live at the event and she didn’t realize it could disturb the neighbours. Cauã’s press office told the columnist that the actor even asked to lower the volume and even warned that he would take the police to the scene if the noise continued.

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