July 25, 2024

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The exhibition park closed its doors after the audience reached 100,000 people

The exhibition park closed its doors after the audience reached 100,000 people

The gates of the exhibition park were forced to close their doors two and a half hours before the scheduled time, on Friday night (1), after the audience in the place exceeded the 100,000 people barrier. There, followed by the celebrations of São João da Bahia, promoted by the state government. Among the attractions at night are Papazzoni, Jeane Lima, Lincoln, and Simone, who perform without her sister Simaria, away from the stage. The night ends with Saia Rodada and Thiago Aquino. Singer Wesley Savadao will not perform and is also away from the stage due to health issues.

According to the Bahia State Tourism Promotion Supervision Authority (Bahiatorsa), at about 9 pm, all areas of the space were already full, which set the closing of the gates at 9:30 pm. For security reasons, more people are banned from entering.

Papazzoni and Ginny Lima already sang on Friday (1) (Photo: Thiago Del Rey)

The last day of the party, Sunday (3), will be over 12 hours of programming. Starting at 3 p.m., Estakazero took the stage. In the sequence, the samba from Escandurras and Psirico. Next, Flavio José’s traditional forró team takes over. Luan Santana introduces fellow countryman. Carlinhos Brown brings Afro Bahia to the programme. It is presented by Morello Raff. Daniela Mercury is one of the great attractions at night, which ends with Seu Maxixe, André and Mauro.

On Thursday (30) Pirilampo, Parangolé, Solange Almeida, Adelmario Coelho and Geraldo Azevedo performed. For the first time in the capital of Bahia, the heroine of Big Brother Brasil 21, Juliette, took to the stage. Today’s network ended with Bruno, Diner and Calcinha Preeta. look at the pictures: