May 30, 2024

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Jade comments on Paolo Andre's 'flirt' before 'BBB22' |  TBT BBB

Jade comments on Paolo Andre’s ‘flirt’ before ‘BBB22’ | TBT BBB

The audience asked and we answered! 💜 noTBT BBBFrom this week, Jade Bacon See the audience’s tweets about his mission in ‘BBB22And also a special post: Interact with her and deprivationThe one he was calling at home, made 4 years ago 😱 How will she react?

Jade comments on his ‘flirt’ with Paulo Andre before ‘BBB22’

“I didn’t remember that guys. I didn’t know the PA but we had a very good exchange right away, as soon as I arrived. He never commented that he was following me, did he? Laughs.”

“It only took you 4 years to notice it, but at least you noticed, right?” Anna Clara joked.

“That’s right, girl. Now I’ll watch who interacts with me there…”, said the influencer.

Jade and Paulo Andre in “BBB22” – Photo: Gshow

Jade also watched a video posted by Nayara Azevedo Last Tuesday, the day he left the match. In the scene, the rural woman appears surrounded by lollipops, alluding to the elimination of the influencer: “Poor sucker!” 👀 brunette replied:

He concluded by saying, “Her departure was the result of one of my leaders, isn’t it? That’s it. Everything is fine!”.

Jade sees a message from Naiara Azevedo on ‘TBT BBB’ – Image: Disclosure