June 22, 2024

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The Farm: Rico declares war on Nego do Borel: "If I go to the farm, I'll take a son*"

The Farm: Rico declares war on Nego do Borel: “If I go to the farm, I’ll take a son*”

weather between Rico Melquiades NS Nego do Borel He’s not doing well on Record TV’s “A Fazenda 13”. At the first party of the reality show, comedian told MC Gui that the singer is fake.

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“I don’t like Nego do Borel. Listen, he’s doing a VT here, old man,” said Rico. Then MC Gui alerted the pawn: “No, everyone has seen it. All of Brazil is watching. “

The comedian also said that he would take Nego to the farm, if he was the most voted and could draw another pawn. “If I go to the farm, I’ll take that son of a bitch. The problem is that he can become a farmer again because whoever goes to the fields can go back to the farmer. That cock in the fucking fake ass can go back to a farmer,” said Rico.

Then MC Gui asked the pawn to be quiet so the audience could see what everyone involved was up to and even mentioned that he had a grudge against Nego do Borel for something that happened before the reality show. Whoever brings a character here, you know what’s going on. If it’s us, that’s what matters, you know? I have a problem with him and I didn’t want to bring her here. But he’s pretending nothing happened.”

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