July 20, 2024

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The FGTS allows you to anticipate a withdrawal of up to three years;  know how to order

The FGTS allows you to anticipate a withdrawal of up to three years; know how to order

the Separation Compensation Fund – FGTS Its main objective is to ensure the safety of a worker who is fired without just cause. Currently, there is a birthday method of withdrawal in which a worker can choose, annually, a withdrawal of a certain amount on the date of his/her birthday.

However, Caixa Econômica Federal offers a second version within the Christmas withdrawal method, which allows for up to three years to be expected. This advance is a type of loan where the worker places other Christmas withdrawals as security for payment. Thus, a worker who has active accounts and has chosen the birthday method of withdrawal can use the loan for a higher amount, which corresponds to three advance payments.

In the advance rules, the worker asks for a minimum amount of R$2000, but each withdrawal within the required amount must be equal to or greater than R$300.00. It is important to note that the last withdrawal date Cannot exceed 99 days Calculated from contracting on credit. Among the rules required to apply for credit contracts, the following stand out:

  • have a Caixa account;
  • be over 18 years old;
  • I adhered to the withdrawal method-birthday in advance;
  • have sufficient balance in the FGTS account;
  • It cannot have a limitation of CPF (negative);
  • Authorize Caixa Christmas Cash Loan in the FGTS App or Website.

Expect birthday loot

With Caixa Online Banking, the customer can click on the “Credit” option and, after that, on the “Annual Cash Loan”. Once done, just simulate the loan process and see the amounts, interest rates and A lot of information.

You will also need to confirm your enrollment and credit application information. Finally, the interested party must confirm the order using the Internet Banking password to complete the contract. Caixa deposits the amount within 24 hours directly into your bank account.

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