June 23, 2024

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The film, which tells the drama faced by the Palestinians, is shown on Netflix with 93% approval.

Who out there doesn’t love a good drama movie? the Netflix It made available in its catalog a new drama that, at first, users of the streaming platform did not expect much from the title, but it surprised many by detailing a real nightmare experienced by families facing the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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The drama “200 Meters”, the first project of award-winning director and screenwriter Amin Nayfeh in Venice, is centered on the story of the West Bank wall, where the State of Israel erected a barrier to isolate it. State of Palestine. The film presents the challenge faced by a father and son who live separated by the wall.

When he receives a call to discover that his son has had an accident while in the hospital, Mustafa tries to cross the border, but is stopped by Israeli officials. At this point, the father, dissatisfied with the situation for not being able to see his son and find his family, sets off on a 200-kilometre journey with the goal of meeting them again.

The film received many positive reviews for showing exactly the real challenge many Palestinians face. The approval rating for this influential drama on Rotten Tomatoes is 93%. It was even nominated by Jordan for a nomination for the 2020 Academy Awards, but the title was not among the finalists.

Its crew consists of Ali Suleiman, Anna Unterberger, Lana Zureik, Ghassan Abbas and Moataz Malhees.

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200 Meters is available on Netflix