May 21, 2024

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Ômicron: UK has high cases, Europe extends restrictions to contain variable – international

the United kingdom It recorded 82,886 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday, up 72% from 48,071 new infections recorded last Sunday – the fourth time the country has recorded more than 80,000 cases since the start of the pandemic.

Another 45 people have died of virus-related causes, up from 111 on Friday. Sunday’s numbers are slightly lower than the last record daily case rates — they were above 90,000 on Thursday. Reported numbers tend to be lower on weekends.

number United kingdomThe daily confirmed cases rose to record numbers last week. The government imposed a new requirement to use masks indoors and ordered people to provide proof of vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test to enter nightclubs and major events.

British government scientists have warned of hospital overcrowding. The UK and other countries are speeding up the pace of booster shots after preliminary data – from peer-reviewed surveys – showed that two doses of the vaccine were less effective against the micronized variant. Shopping malls, cathedrals and football stadiums across the country have been converted into mass vaccination centers.

It comes after the UK reported 12,133 new cases of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, for a total of 37,101.

The government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) said it was “almost certain” that hundreds of thousands of people were infected with the strain every day undetected by the numbers.

Without further stressing the rules to combat Covid-19, SAGE said, “modeling points to a peak of at least 3,000 hospital admissions per day in England,” they said at a meeting on December 16.

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Last January, before the vaccination campaign accelerated, the number of daily hospital admissions in the UK as a whole exceeded 4,000.

Europe on alert because of the micron

a Dutch In a new shutdown starting Sunday, the 19th, with the goal of trying to contain the increase in micron variant cases. The decision comes on the heels of several measures and restrictions imposed by European countries against the increase in cases led by the new alternative.

The announcement was made on Saturday, 18th, by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. All shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, theaters and other non-essential services must close by January 14. Ruti said colleges and schools may open their doors on Jan. 9.

In the midst of the holiday season, the state has also limited the number of people who can go as guests to a home, which has dropped from four to two, with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s. The rules caused long queues to form in stores on Saturday morning as people scrambled for Christmas shopping.

Jaap van Diesel, Head of the Dutch Epidemic Management Team, It reinforced predictions from other European countries that Micron will overtake Delta and dominate by the end of the year. Other countries impose restrictive measures once again to contain the new wave of infections COVID-19.

Ministers in FranceAnd Cyprus e Austria Travel restrictions increased. Paris New Year’s Eve fireworks canceled. the Denmark Indoor theatres, concert halls, parks and museums. the Ireland An 8pm curfew was imposed in pubs and bars, as well as limited participation in indoor and outdoor events.

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mayor LondonSadiq Khan emphasized concerns about an increase in cases and the potential to overwhelm the health system. A measure was implemented, Saturday, allowing local councils in the British capital to coordinate work more closely with emergency services, a decision taken after Friday, when the largest increase in infections in 24 hours was recorded since the outbreak of the epidemic. Ômicron is now the dominant alternative to coronavirus in London and efforts have been intensified to reach people who have not yet been vaccinated.

In Ireland, Prime Minister Michael Martin said in a speech on Friday that the new restrictions were necessary to protect lives. We are all exhausted by Covid-19 and the restrictions it requires. The twists and turns, disappointments and frustrations affect everyone a lot. But this is the reality we are dealing with.”

In France, the government announced that it will start vaccinating children aged 5-11 from Wednesday. Prime Minister Jan Castex said on Friday that as the micron variant spreads like “lightning”, the government has proposed requiring proof of vaccination for anyone entering restaurants, cafes and other public institutions. The suspended measure requires Parliament’s approval.

The procedures do not satisfy all Europeans. Critics of the latest restrictions have staged protests in London, Paris and Hamburg, BerlinDusseldorf and other German and Austrian cities.

a World Health Organization (WHO) informed, in a technical summary published on XVII, The micron variant has already been detected in 89 countries. Covid-19 cases of the new variant double every 1.5 to 3 days in locations where the community has transmitted. According to the document, key questions about the new strain remain unanswered, including the severity of the disease it caused and whether current Covid-19 vaccines offer protection. The World Health Organization warns that the large growth advantage of Ômicron over delta makes it likely that the new variant will outperform delta in countries with local transmission. / With information from the Associated Press and the AFP.

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