June 20, 2024

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The first millipede with more than 1,000 legs was discovered in Australia

The first millipede with more than 1,000 legs was discovered in Australia

Scientists in Australia have discovered the first true pet, which has more than a thousand legs. To date, the “millennial” species – from the Latin mile (thousands) and pis (feet) – with the most legs had 750.

The new species is designated as Omelibus Persephone. It has 1,306 short legs, a long and slender body, is small – 95.7 mm long and 0.95 mm wide – and has a conical head, no eyes, but huge antennae and a beak.

The name was given in honor of Persephone, the daughter of Zeus whom Hades took to the underworld. According to the scientists involved in the discovery, the prefix “I” was added to highlight the animal’s achievement.

The discovery was made in 2020, at a depth of 60 meters in the Australian region of the Eastern Goldfields. The case has now been revealed, after a Scientific article Reports.

The photo shows a female Eumillipes Persephone with 330 segments and 1,306 legs

Image: Disclosure / Scientific Reports

“[Minha colega] He was the first to lay eyes [no verdadeiro mil√≠pede do laborat√≥rio]”Look, these millipedes are amazing,” Bruno Pozzato, who works for the environmental consultancy company that made the discovery and one of the authors of the article, said in an interview with Australia’s ABC News.

“The word ‘millennium’ has always been somewhat inappropriate,” said Paul Marek, an entomologist at Virginia Tech and lead author of the study describing the species.

The previous record of the millipede – which here means an animal with “many legs” rather than “a thousand legs” – belongs to plenipes, with 750 stalks which were found in California.

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