July 20, 2024

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The group stops talks with Leandro Hassum after accepting director · TV News

The group stops talks with Leandro Hassum after accepting director · TV News

The band temporarily paralyzed talks to hire comedian Leandro Hassum. Who negotiated with him directly was the broadcaster’s director of programming, Antonio Zimmerl, who was taken to the hospital for a few days to deal with health problems in São Paulo. Now, the appearance will only resume after recovery.

Hassum’s presence in front of a talk show will be a novelty in the band’s prime time in 2022 – the channel is trying to be competitive and is fighting for at least third place in audience against SBT. farewell to hope When Faustão arrives to occupy at 8:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

according to the news, Antonio Zimmerli had scheduled a meeting on the 22nd with Hassum. But since the manager was hospitalized days ago and still recovering, both are looking for a new appointment in their calendars. There is still full interest from the station in signing the contract, even as it is an “old love affair” between the two parties.

Most likely, Zimmerl and Hassum will speak again starting next week. The comedian took advantage of this period in Brazil to participate in the programs. The last one aired on Sunday (31), when Leandro Hassum Featured in Basa or Risa, by SBT.

The protagonist from films like the Till Luck Do Us Part trilogy and Tudo Bem no Natal que Come (2020) has experience with the attractions of interviews. after, after Leaving Globo in 2019, hired by the Turner Group to provide a file Tá Pago talk show on TNT, which opened in August of that year.

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The show, which included 15 episodes and one season, put celebrities in a bar-like studio so they could reveal new stories, themes, and different details of their lives and careers among drinks, dishes and desserts. A second round of interviews was arranged, but was eventually put on hold due to the pandemic.

The column found that Leandro Hassum is a fan of the Jimmy Kimmel-led talk show on ABC, which collects celebrity interviews and hilarious photos, with popular engagement, and wants to do something similar in Brazil. The idea is to have your show on Band weekly.