June 22, 2024

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The heirs will be able to consult and recover the forgotten money - News

The heirs will be able to consult and recover the forgotten money – News

Families and heirs of deceased account holders will also be able to locate and rescue them forgotten values in financial institutions. According to the Central Bank, in the coming days, the procedures that must be followed by legally authorized third parties wishing to request the withdrawal of values ​​will be released. The directive will apply to heirs, attorneys, teachers, custodians, administrators and guardians to non-liberated minors.

The SVR (System of Debit Values) started operating late Sunday night (13) on the website valorareceber.bcb.gov.brIt has already exceeded 66 million visits as of 18:00 this Tuesday (15).

To make the query, simply enter your CPF or CNPJ and date of birth to see if there are any remaining balances to be withdrawn. The first step of the query, in which the system informs if there are outstanding amounts, can be done by entering the CPF number of the deceased person.

The second stage, in which the amount available for the refund request is disclosed, cannot yet be carried out, since it requires a silver or gold login on the Gov.br portal, in the name of the account holder. The Central Bank may adopt simplified procedures for recovering funds.

redemption of values

The receivables will only be known at the time of recovery, which has been divided into three groups to avoid a bank scramble. The Central Bank estimates that there will be a total of R$8 billion to be recovered, of which R$3.9 billion must be released in this first phase, for more than 28 million citizens and companies.

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Consultation can be conducted by any citizen or company at any time. However, if the system reports receivables, users will be divided into three groups, based on their date of birth or company incorporation date.

Anyone born before 1968 or who opened the company before that year will be able to find out the remaining balance and request a refund between March 7-11, on the same site. The page itself will inform the time and date of the withdrawal request. If the user misses the time, there will be a return the following Saturday, March 12th, from 4AM to 12PM.

For people born between 1968 and 1983, or businesses founded in that period, the deadline will be March 14-18, with a summary on March 19. Whoever was born after 1984, or opened a business in that year, has a deadline from March 21-25, with a return on March 26. Abstracts will also be conducted on Saturdays at the same time, from 4am to 12pm.

Anyone who misses the summary on Saturday will be able to request a refund starting March 28, regardless of their date of birth or company creation date. The Central Bank clarified that the citizen or the company that missed the appointments does not need to worry. The right to receive funds is final, and the financial institutions will continue to hold the funds until the account holder requests a withdrawal.

To find out how much you will get back, you will need to register with the federal government platform Gov.br, with a Silver or Gold access level, which requires further authentication, such as facial recognition and authorization via the bank app. The appointments were broken down by the company’s year of birth or date of creation.

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Those who are not eligible will now be able to try again from May 2, as a new stage will open on the platform, including more forgotten credits.