May 30, 2024

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The largest tech fair in the country, Campus Party welcomes the public again, but in a reduced fashion |  National newspaper

The largest tech fair in the country, Campus Party welcomes the public again, but in a reduced fashion | National newspaper

The largest technology fair in the country, The Campus Party, which actually started, is back on Saturday (13), in Sao Paulo.

Proof of the Covid vaccine is a mandatory passport For those who only go for a few hours or sleep and wake up in the world of technology.

“I think the experience is very cool, communication with guys. I think it would be really cool. A pillow, a bag, an inflatable mattress…” said one of the participants.

NS Inside the gallery there is everything geeks, tech and pop culture lovers love. For starters, 40 GB internet.

“I was able to download a game here in less than ten minutes. Returning home, it will take half an hour or so. So, this internet is very fast,” says student Gilherme Rodrigues.

Dressed in character and with a computer specially made for the event, designer Thyago Verbecas is undeniable.

“Essential, right? Show me off. “I hang out here at the Campus Party, and we said ‘I have, you don’t’ and things like that,” he said.

Yes, the show is part of the fun, but it’s also the serious side of one of the world’s biggest tech events. An example is a truck that goes across the country. He parked his car on site to demonstrate how to use new tools to turn dreams and projects into real products. and earn money from it.

Rodrigo: I teach at some universities and have a corporate communications company, but before the campus party these were things I didn’t even know I was involved in.

Reporter: And everything related to technology?

Rodrigo: It all involves geek culture and technology.

Lectures on innovation and creativity. arena of drones and Even virtual flights are some of the experiences that can be lived at Campus Party.

The pandemic has shrunk the event, which has already welcomed more than 100,000 visitors, to a maximum of 3,000, but there are new ways to get involved. Tradition is back.

Almost all events, lectures and discussions can be viewed for free, almost, on your cell phone or on your home computer. But as vaccination progresses, the tents that gave the Campus Party its name can be recreated again, to the delight of at least 600 people.

He is like this, Blending the simplest and most innovative way of life, which the organizers hope will help build a future that has already begun.

It is an investment in entrepreneurship, science and technology, in the disciplines that permeate the future of this new generation. “I think the pandemic has accelerated all of this, and now, in fact, we are going to experience the digital revolution,” said Tonico Novas, CEO of the Campus Party.