June 23, 2024

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The launch of the James Webb telescope at Christmas generates internet memes

The launch of the James Webb telescope at Christmas generates internet memes

After 25 years of development and 14 years after its first launch was called off, the James Webb Space Telescope has gone through successive delays until finally, took off Over the Super Ariane 5 rocket on Saturday morning (25). The fact that the event took place on Christmas Day had many repercussions on Internet, generating many memes.

An Ariane 5 rocket carrying the James Webb Space Telescope was carried to the launch pad in Kourou, French Guiana, on December 23, two days before the big launch, which took place on Christmas morning. Photo: ESA – S. Corvaja

First, let’s briefly recall the entire course of wide write-offs. It was initially designed to take off in 2007, but due to some modifications that had to be made, the launch was cancelled. Only 14 years later, this year, a new date has been set: it will fly toward its destination outside of orbit Tera, a region of space known as Lagrange Point (L2) in the system formed by our planet and the Sun, on October 31.

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A sequence of four new dates began. Due to a logistical problem, NASA decided that the observatory would fly on December 18. However, there was a defect in the missile’s data transmission cable that needed to be corrected, which caused the mission to be postponed to the twenty-second.

Due to bad weather, the space agency announced that the launch date would change again – this time, to 24. Weather was also responsible for the latest delay, when it was determined that the telescope would launch on Christmas morning.

James Webb telescope wants to steal Christmas?

That was enough for creative and enthusiastic users of Twitter The network filled with posts about the coincidence of dates.

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In the above tweet, for example, James Webb was compared to the character of the Grinch, an icon in American Christmas tales since the 1950s that Jim Carrey played in theaters. The angry green monster did everything to “steal Christmas”. fair comparison?

These users made a parody with the Christmas song, as soon as they learned about the postponement from the 18th to the 22nd of this month. Listen, neste link, to original music, performed by Mariah Carey.

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Of course Brazil is not left out when it comes to meme

Netizens abroad weren’t the only ones chanting about the launch of the James Webb Telescope on Christmas. As everyone knows, Brazil is the “Mimi Factory”, and with this historical fact, it could not be different.

Camila Esperanca, an astronomer and doctoral candidate at the European Southern Observatory (ESO), posed the question: “Will there be a gift or a cry?”

The NASAWebb account, a Brazilian humorous profile of the telescope, posted in first person, as if it were a telescope, implied that the observatory wasn’t “drunk on Christmas” and wasn’t lying about finally taking off.

The Brazilian Internet does not live only on jokes. In the tweets below, we can check the feelings of some users regarding the historical event.

And if you are a fan of the James Webb Telescope, stay tuned digital lookBecause here on the website and on our social networks you can follow all about the largest and most important space observatory in the world.

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