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The lawyer compares the lawsuit against Gustavo Lima to that of rapper Gabriel, or Bensador

Published on 01/11/2022 22:20

(Credit: Capital Moto Week Entertainment / Disclosure)

A woman sued the singer Gustavo Lima, for releasing her phone number in the song “Bloqueado”.. The situation refers to what happened in 2004 with rapper Gabriel O Pensador with the song “2345678”. At the time, the number was a landline in several cities and made its owners uncomfortable.

Attorney Camilo Onoda Caldas, partner at Gomes, Almeida e Caldas Advocacia, recalls one of the decisions handed down in the Ceará Court. He said, “The judge denied compensation, saying that the fault in the inconvenience was not the musician, but who called him, so the compensation will be on whoever disturbed the owner of the phone number.”

Al-Faqih comments that, even if there was an inconvenience, the citizen did not disclose DDD, so people from various cities could end up being victims of the calls, and thus, filing a lawsuit.

“On the other hand, the understanding of the judiciary may be the same as in the case of the singer Gabriel, or Bensador. The person making the call is a third party and must take responsibility. Also because this third party can be located at the end, all phone calls are recorded. Therefore, if a person receives a harassing call, they can find out the identity of the author and eventually search for and hold them accountable.”

Caldas also notes that in practice it is difficult for a person to discover the author, since he can be harassed by a large number of people. He added, “You won’t be able to prevent a behavior, you’ll get compensation, even because of that, asking to change the number in the song’s lyrics.”

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Sertanejo is being sued by a woman because the phone number he sings in the song belongs to her. The author asks Gusttavo Lima to change the letter and wants compensation of R$105,000 for reporting that he suffered from prank calls and harassment.

The process has been pending in Civil Court No. 24 since December. The singer’s legal advisor, through attorney Claudio Besas, reported that the artist was not aware of the operation and that he would wait for the summons to appear. It is worth remembering that Lima is not the author of the song.