May 30, 2024

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The most valuable car in the epidemic is 52% more expensive; paying off

The appreciation of some cars surprised consumers during the pandemic. In general, the prices of all cars were inflated. However, one of the most expensive cars costs more than 50% of the original price.

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The most expensive car was the HB20 model from the South Korean brand Hyundai. Taking into account all vehicle versions, the price jumped from 46.4 thousand Brazilian reais to 70.9 thousand Brazilian reais. Data released by Fraga Inteligência.

In fact, in September, the Hyundai HB20 took first place in car sales in Brazil. The hatch bypassed famous SUVs and SUVs. Even in the midst of the global component crisis, 6,800 units of HB20 have been licensed.

Two years after the new design debuted, numbers confirmed its popularity. At first, the change in appearance created uncertainty in the public as well as in the sellers themselves. The HB20’s sporty styling through 2019 has given way to a more behaved and refined appearance. Even with the car’s price increase, the public seems to have accepted the changes.

Volkswagen Golf

Another point that draws attention is that some “popular” models cost as much as luxury cars. Among the new cars (0 km), the second most expensive in recent months was the Volkswagen Gol. The value of the slot, which is one of the most traditional in Brazil, is close to 90 thousand Brazilian reals. This is in the most complete version.

The basic version of the car, with a 1.0 MPI engine, costs at least R$65,000. Originally, the entry price for Gol was R$47,158. That is, there was an inflation of 38% in the value of the current product.

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Below, you can check out a list of cars that have suffered the most from price hikes during the pandemic in Brazil.

Check out the 5 most expensive cars in the pandemic:

  1. Hyundai HB20 – 52% increase
  2. Volkswagen Gol – 38% increase
  3. Hyundai HB20S – 36%;
  4. Fiat Argo – 24%;
  5. Chevrolet Onyx Plus by 23%.