May 28, 2024

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The new PS Plus will have the presence of 'all the big names'

The new PS Plus will have the presence of ‘all the big names’

In an interview with the official podcast of Play StationJim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, provided more details about the newly announced new PS Plus catalog. According to the CEO, the service will feature “all the big names” in the industry, as well as a broad presence of smaller studios.

Presented last Tuesday (29), “Spartacus projectThe merger of PS Plus and . has been confirmed PS now On one platform, adding many novelties in between Three main planes. The discovery emerged after Sony confirmed compatibility with older generations of PlayStation, combining classic games with some of today’s most iconic works.

After advertising in PlayStation Blog Comment on the arrival of first-party addresses such as God of WarAnd the Spider-Man from MarvelAnd the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesAnd the death strand And the backJim Ryan leveraged a powerful catalog proposal with more than 700 games. The idea is not to stop there, as countless other games will be shown later.

Jim Ryan, CEO of SIE

“I’m going to put some effort into this, but I can say for free that we have huge publisher participation in this show. We have all the big names in attendance,” he commented. “We have big publishers and small independent publishers. We have over 200 partners working with us to get their content on PlayStation Plus, so the service is going to be very powerful.”

Because it is not “a path we took in the past”, Games should not arrive in Day 1 format to the new PS Plus. Thus, it remains to wait for information about which titles will be included and the future release of the full list of current games.

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Learn all about the new PS Plus

With more complete base plans, the new PS Plus will be a service of global reach, bringing hundreds of games from PS1, PS2 and PS3And the PS4And the PS5 and PSP. The new version is set to be available from June of this year and will mark the debut of PS Now in Brazilian territory. click here to know more!