June 13, 2024

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Xbox Series X: Availability is on the rise, the console is up in Amazon ratings

Xbox Series X: Availability is on the rise, the console is up in Amazon ratings

The situation for the Xbox Series X appears to be improving in the US, where it appears that Microsoft’s console has been available in larger quantities for a few days, so much so that it climbed to Amazon’s sales charts in some divisions this week.

The Xbox Series X has always been available from Amazon, GameStop, and other retailers, which is odd considering the current state of new generation consoles on the market. We’re talking specifically about the Xbox Series X, of course, as the Xbox Series S comes out of a less cumbersome production process and is always more available than its big sister.

In the current market situation, the main problem is Show, which never fails to meet demand, with Xbox Series X and PS5 production lagging behind what users want. In this absolute lack of new generation devices, what has appeared in recent days is a A significant increase The presence of the Xbox Series X, which indicates some change in terms of production, at least with respect to Microsoft’s console.

These days, instead of disappearing in a few minutes, the Xbox Series X in the US has been available for several hours and even days, which has led it to the top of the best-selling product rankings on Amazon USA.

We’ll then see if this situation will also have repercussions on US and global Xbox Series X sales, but at the same time there is a positive trend on this front. On the other hand, we saw the PS5 get defeated by the Xbox Series X | S in February sales also in Europe, the region where the Sony console usually has a significant advantage, after the same score recorded in the same month in the US.

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In the Brazilconsole more Currently sold on Amazon is Xbox Series SWhile it’s very hard to find an in-stock Xbox Series X, it’s basically impossible or something rare, unfortunately.