May 29, 2024

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The new Subaru Forester and XV are hybrids and feature facial recognition

After a long time without versions, the file Subaru Announces interesting news in Brazil. The brand has started selling its first hybrid cars in the country, the Forester and XV . SUVs. Both use the same set of Japanese brand, which brings fame Boxer 2.0 petrol engine with opposite cylinders, 150 horsepower and 20 million kilograms torque. But it is combined with a Mild Hybrid system which, according to Subaru, improved fuel consumption by 16% and 19%, respectively.

Here, the two models reach a competitive price range in the category. Al-Haraji, for example, starts at 193,900 BRL. Therefore, you will compete for sales with Corolla Cross Hybrid, which is about 192 thousand Brazilian riyals. at the same time, XV reaches a higher level, priced at R$223,900.

Besides the mechanical package, the Subaru duo also offers 4×4 traction and an electric motor assist in the transmission, which remains a CVT-type automatic. In addition, there is also a file c-driveAn intelligent drive system that promises better use of the electric motor.

Disclosure / Subaru

Better consumption?

According to the brand, the electric motor is small, which makes the SUV more economical in terms of consumption. Forester, for example, works up to 11.2 km / l in the city. On the road it reaches 11.6 km / l. In the case of the XV, the numbers are slightly better, clocking in at 12.2 km/l in the city and 12.9 km/l on the highway.

In the process, it is worth noting the presence of the driving mode S, in which the electric motor is activated early during acceleration, which improves the response of the SUV. Meanwhile, the lithium-ion batteries regenerate when the car slows down or when the driver depresses the brake pedal. Single, The electric motor delivers 16.7 hp and 6.7 million kgf, which puts both of them up to approximately 167 horsepower and 27 million kgf. Moreover, there is still no confirmation of autonomy.

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Disclosure / Subaru

advanced technology

One of the most notable new features Subaru Al-Harji and the fifteenth, of course, is the technology list included. This is because the duo, which arrived imported from Japan, offers an advanced system of radars and cameras that operate with semi-autonomous resources. In addition, there is also emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and lane departure warning, among others.

SUVs also come equipped with sight, a facial recognition system that monitors the driver and alerts if it detects signs of fatigue. The coolest thing about this feature is that it can recognize up to five people and adjust the electric seats, mirrors and even the air conditioning.

Disclosure / Subaru

“The launch of these models symbolizes the beginning of a new phase for Subaru in the country, characterized by the arrival of more efficient vehicles, which will provide superior technology, performance and safety,” says Subaru’s Sales Director. Roberto Pedrosa.

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