June 21, 2024

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The newspaper said that Facebook may change its name in the coming days

The change should focus on “building the metaverse” that Zuckerberg has planned and may help fend off recent controversies involving the company.

EFE / SHAWN THEWAccording to the newspaper, Zuckerberg plans to change the name of the company

Owner of social networks such as Whatsapp and Instagram, the company Facebook social networking site It is considering changing its name in the coming weeks to reflect a new path the company is taking “in building the metaverse.” The information was provided by a source associated with the company Mark Zuckerberg For The Verge newspaper. According to the report, the CEO intends to talk about the change at the company’s annual conference, scheduled for October 28, but he does not rule out the possibility of explaining the intention to change the name before that. In addition to the “metaverse,” which would leave the Facebook name focused solely on the Zuckerberg-born social network, the rebranding would serve as a way to distance the company from the controversies surrounding the company’s name. Earlier this month, former employee Francis Hogan testified before the US Senate and spoke about the harmful effects of social media on minors and the concern for profit on people’s health. According to The Verge, representatives of the brands have been contacted but declined to talk about the potential change.

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