June 16, 2024

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The paper says Sergio Reyes softens his anti-STF tone in his police testimony

The paper says Sergio Reyes softens his anti-STF tone in his police testimony

Singer Sergio Reyes lowered his tone and backtracked on attacks on ministers STF (Federal Supreme Court) in a statement he gave yesterday to the Federal Police. O Globo newspaper also indicated that he spoke with Palestinian police investigators via video link, Directly from the hospital, where he was hospitalized since Tuesday (24).

Mutreb also denied in his testimony his participation in an anti-democratic movement attacking institutions. Last week, he Became the target of an FBI investigation due to an audio leak. He said, “If they don’t take the men in 30 days, we will invade and break everything and get the men out. That’s it. That’s how things will be. And things are serious,” he said. Sergio Reyes in conversation with a friend who appeared in the audience.

According to O Globo, sources accompanying the investigation reported that Sergio Reyes told police officers that he had no intention of attacking STF ministers. To justify himself, he would have said that he knew Minister Luis Roberto Barroso personally. In addition, the singer would have regretted the repercussions of the leak.

In the sound, is Beda calls for a national truck drivers strike Against the Eleven Ministers of the Court – A Perpetual Target of the President Jair Bolsonaro (No party) Ally Reese. Elsewhere, he made threats if the Senate did not make a decision on dismissal of the ministers, saying they would “invade, break everything and get the men out”.

According to the newspaper, the singer’s lawyer, Marcus Montemore, said he could not comment on the case because the investigation was being conducted in secrecy.

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last Friday (20), PF fulfills search and seizure orders In letters related to the singer, to Federal Representative Otoni DePaula (PSC-RJ) and eight other people.