June 12, 2024

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Jojo Liberato’s daughter rejects criticism after leaked video: It’s not a car

Sophia confirmed in her clarification that the recording with her sister was released without her consent.

Reproduction / Instagram / sofi_liberato / 27.08.2021Sofia, daughter of Gogo, became a topic on the networks after a video was leaked

SophiaThe announcer’s daughter Jojo LiberatoI decided to talk later Leaked video in which she and her sister Marina accuse her aunt Aparcida Liberato of manipulation. The caller’s sister, who died in November 2019 after a domestic accident, is the inventor of the process that will determine the sharing of Gugu’s assets and is responsible for controlling the money the 17-year-old twins receive. After the video was leaked, Sophia became a Mimi on social media, where it spread widely in an excerpt saying that her aunt prevented her from buying Porsche because it’s expensive, and because of that, she had to buy a car that cost half the price. With the repercussions of this, Sofia posted a clarification on Instagram saying that the leaked video is a dangerous thing and not just a car.

“For all the people criticizing and judging me, since the video was leaked, I suggest you watch it in full so that you understand the context. You will see that it is actually not about buying a car, but about a much more serious and important issue behind it,” said Gogo’s daughter. I would like to clarify that my sister and I will not conduct any interviews, as our process is subject to judicial secrecy. This video was leaked without our consent just for the eyes of justice to see. Our lawyers are taking all possible steps to resolve this issue.” In a note sent to pan youthNelson Willian, an attorney representing the twins in the process, also stated that “the recording was made directly to the court and is part of the probate process that takes place in secret for justice” and declared that “the facts will be investigated as appropriate sphere.”

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Gogo, who has always kept his personal life out of the spotlight, exposes his intimate relationship after his death due to the controversy over him. legacy – rated on 1 billion Brazilian reals. In the will, the presenter left 75% to his three children – Joao Augusto, Marina and Sofia – and 25% to his five nephews and a pension to his mother, Maria do Sio. The case is that Rose-Miriam de Matteo, the mother of the artist’s children, was not mentioned in the will, and now she is trying to prove in court that her relationship with Gogo is stable. If you can prove the union, Rose is entitled to 50% of the capital left by the applicant. In the meantime, kitchen chef Thiago Salvatico He also stated that he had an eight-year relationship with the caller.