May 29, 2024

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Unimed glorifies the Northeast in a spin-off featuring Zeca Baleiro, Juliana Linhares and Josyara

Juliana Linharis at the screening of Nordeste Ficc¸a~o, at Teatro Unimed

attributed to him: Pedro Bobo / Unimed Theatre

Nordeste is the star of the show Nordeste Ficção, presented by artist Juliana Linhares, with Zeca Baleiro and Josyara as guests. The show can be viewed for free on .’s website Unimed Theater This Sunday the 7th of November.

“It is an honor for Central National Unimed to collaborate to bring some of the joy and energy of the Northeast to the general public. We believe that art and entertainment are an important pillar in achieving total health, full of luxury and good times. Teatro Unimed is once again positioned as a partner in medical and community cooperation, promoting the importance of culture and the need for the Brazilian people”, says Luis Paulo Tostis Coimbra, president of Central Nacional Unimed.

All of the professionals involved in the Nordeste Fiction had ongoing records of health conditions, being tested periodically by the Diagnostic Medicine Network. High Diagnostic Excellence, a reference in medical technology, innovation and quality, with a focus on humane care. In addition, as was the daily practice in the Unimed Theater and in the Santos-Augusta building, all the usual protocol of anti-Covid measures was implemented, with constant cleaning of equipment, accessories, floors and environments, general mandatory use of masks, periodic hand hygiene, wide social distancing, daily disinfection of premises .

“One of Brazil’s great strengths is its diversity, the make-up of its people, its multiculturalism. As promoters of free cultural productions, Teatro Unimed has the honor to receive – and share with the world – this beautiful show, which fascinates, excites, entertains, and makes you think”, Announces Fernando Chalian, CEO of Developer Reud, Controller of Teatro Unimed. As it has done throughout the pandemic, Teatro Unimed is drawing attention to initiatives to support art professionals, who have been deeply affected by the moment production of shows has declined. With the screening film Nordeste Ficção, the audience will be invited to support GAMI – a pro-women independent group in the RN (gamimulheres), a project that promotes training, professionalism and citizenship for girls, youth and adolescents in Rio Grande do North, with educational activities in the arts and sports. Previous initiatives have been dedicated to Backstage Invisível, Fundo Marlene Colé and APTR – Association of Theater Producers.

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Directed by Johnny Massaro, Maria Trica and Marcos Brito and moderated by a duet Producis, the show celebrates the beauty and joy that fills the eyes and soul, of the Northeastern being, in all its strength and diversity, while at the same time stimulating reflection on the different meanings this word can have, as a powerful process of deconstructing clichés. According to Juliana Linharis, the intent is that “People expand their view of the territory and its inhabitants and realize that everything is much more complicated than was often thought. There is an idea of ​​the legendary Northeast built over the years that inhabits the imagination of Brazilians.” The show adds even more meaning to the Nordeste Ficção album, in a more powerful complementary way, an intuitive force that confronts the barriers of a single concept. Scenarios, lighting, makeup, framing, editing, shooting and repertoire all give greater prominence to the issues presented by the album, as well as the costumes of Ronaldo Fraga, who recently developed a collection inspired by Carrere’s back culture. “Images are very powerful, create illusions, and break up static thoughts. We want to show the global Northeast, mixed and connected to the world. Strong in technical tendernessGiuliana adds. Giuliana performs with Wanessa Dorado (violin and violin), Alessio Freitas (guitar) and Boca Reis (percussion).

The screening film Nordeste Ficção is a continuation of the 2021 Teatro Unimed program, as part of the Teatro Unimed Em Casa project, which premiered in 2020 with Luis Miranda, at Madame Sheila, and continued in 2021 with the show Dez por Dez, by Neal. LaBute was modified by Leme Brothers and starring Angela Vieira, Bruno Matzio, Chandeli Braz, Denis Fraga, Yossier de Sousa, Ocaro Silva, Johnny Massaro, Leopoldo Pacheco, Luisa Arres, and Pathé DeJesus; Film concert Criolo Samba em 3 Tempos, and most recently the talk show Hora de Naná, directed by Nana Karapacian, which brought together a star-studded cast of Anna Carolina, Reinaldo Gancini, Martinalia, Seo Jorge, Elias Andresto and Claudia Raya. Teatro Unimed Em Casa is an initiative committed to bringing original and quality artistic productions to where people are, contributing to increasing free access to culture in times of social isolation.

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Northeast fantasy

Screening of a movie with Juliana Linharis

Location: Unimed Home Theater (Online)


When: The screening film can be watched on Teatro Unimed until November 7, 2021

Free rating

Tickets: free and without registration

Duration: about 30 minutes per part