July 19, 2024

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The photos show cables attached to the propeller of the plane carrying Marlia Mendona – Gerais

The photos show cables attached to the propeller of the plane carrying Marlia Mendona – Gerais

The two-engine wreck will follow on Tuesday (9/11) for an inspection in Rio de Janeiro. The engines will be sent to Sorocaba (SP).

The leads, however, have not yet been identified. One hypothesis is that they are from the power transmission tower of the Companhia Energtica de Minas Gerais (Cemig), which the plane collided with before crashing. The distributor confirmed, Friday, via a note, that the plane arrived at one of these structures, despite it being installed below the protection area at Karatinga Airport.


The aircraft’s engines – a Beechcraft King Air C90 with the prefix PT-ONJ, manufactured in 1984 – were the last parts collected from the crash site, Monday (8/11) afternoon. One of them fell into a dense forest area after being released from the plane, as a result of hitting the wires of the Cemig’s power tower. The second engine was submerged in a waterfall.

Debris and aircraft engines are inspected outside Minas Gerais (Photo: Fervel Auto Socorro / Divulgao)
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According to the civil police, it is not even possible to say that the plane’s collision with the Cemig Tower caused the accident that killed Marlia Mendona. (Photo: Fervel Auto Socorro / Divulgao)


Singer Marlia Mendona and her team’s trip to Caratinga, in the Valle de Rio Doce, in Minas Gerais, where she was to perform Friday night (5/11), stopped 4 kilometers from the city’s airport after a fall. The plane they were on. Five people were killed in the tragedy.

In addition to Marlia, the singer’s uncle and advisor, Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho, producer Henrique Ribeiro, pilot Geraldo Martins de Medeiros, and co-driver Tarciso Pessoa Viana.

The fall occurred next to a waterfall at Serra da Piedade de Caratinga, 309 kilometers from Belo Horizonte.

According to PCMG, it is still not possible to know if the disaster was caused by the collision between the aircraft and the power transmission tower at Cemig. Cenipa (Centre for Aviation Accident Prevention and Investigation) investigates a patient’s causes. The report has no deadline to be ready.

The Civil Police conducts the criminal investigation, a phase that includes hearings with witnesses and collecting documents from the aircraft and the owner, PEC Txi Areo.

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