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soap opera debut with Cauã Reymond as a Botafogo fan in prime time at Globo;  Understand the plot

soap opera debut with Cauã Reymond as a Botafogo fan in prime time at Globo; Understand the plot

NS Botafogo It started highlighting Monday night (8/11) at prime time from Globo TV (21:00) with the premiere of the series “place in the sun“. the actor Kawa Raymond playing brothers Christopher NS Christian, twins separated shortly after their birth in Goiania and will have a relationship with Glorious. pole net stove Explains the plot to follow.

Christopher, who was renamed Renato after being adopted by a family living in Rio de Janeiro, is a fan of Botafogo and enjoys a high standard of living. Christian, already an adult, when he came across a picture of his brother wearing a fireplace shirt on one of the podiums in Nilton Santos Stadium, in a social column in a magazine, decides to travel by bus to Cidade Maravilhosa to try and find Renato.

In the first act of the plot, Christian had the idea to go to Niltão, where there is a Botafogo match with Full House, but he did not succeed in the first attack. Backstage in Episode One, Cauã was photographed at the entrances to the stadium, in the stands and amidst several Venégra flags. (see photos at the end of the article).

In order to facilitate his search and also find his way around Rio de Janeiro, Christian begins to earn a living as a merchant near Nilton Santos. Shortly thereafter, he takes a job as a valet at the airport, where, by chance, he already gets the long-awaited meeting with Renato, who is on his way back from Europe with his girlfriend. barbariclive by Allen Moraes.

At one point in the telenovela, scheduled for the first week of the show, Renato tragically dies, and Christian will assume the identity of his brother from Botafogo.

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Watch the pictures of the first episode of the series “Umm Lugar O Sol”: