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The prefix that telemarketing informs about becomes mandatory;  Learn how to prevent spam - 06/08/2022

The prefix that telemarketing informs about becomes mandatory; Learn how to prevent spam – 06/08/2022

From this Wednesday (8) use The prefix 0303 At the start of all active telemarketing numbers (eg selling products and/or services) it becomes mandatory on the part of companies. Since March 10, this This rule applies only to calls from mobile phones..

The code gives the consumer more control to decide whether or not to answer calls, as well as Map the numbers of official companies and those that don’t follow the rulesAccording to Anatel (National Telecommunication Agency).

It is also another step in containment strategies.”annoying phone“—Providing unsolicited products or services through phone calls or letters.

The prefix 0303 was identified by the agency in December 2021, by Law No. 10413. Until April this year, around 320 phone numbers have been started to use 0303.

What are the changes?

The code 0303 should clearly appear on the screen of the consumer’s phone. This change must be made by telemarketing and communications network companies.

In addition, operators must implement preventive blocking of original active telemarketing calls at the request of the user.

Companies asking for donations and charging fees will not need to stick to the prefix.

Organizations that do not comply with the rules may be subject to administrative penalties and block the number used. A consumer feeling hurt should formalize their complaint with Anatel Ombudsman.

How to stop spam on phone

secondly Global report by Truecaller appIn December of last year, every Brazilian received, on average, 32.9 unwanted calls per month. For the fourth time in a row, the country topped the ranking of incoming calls from unwanted products and services.

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One way to mitigate the problem is to “do not bother me”, which was created by Anatel in 2019. It allows registered people to block calls from telemarketing, telecom companies and payroll loan companies. It does not block calls from health plans or retail networks.

Here are some tips for you to prevent spam on the phone.

1. Directly in the operator

The first alternative is to contact the operator and request that these calls be cancelled. Check the customer service number and follow the steps in the call.

2. Do not disturb

Access is free and does not require any app to be installed on prison cell or computer.

  • Go to the site www.naomeperturbe.com.br;
  • On the main page, click “Login” (if you are already a user) or “I want to register” (and fill in the form with personal data);
  • On your page, click “New block”;
  • On the Block Request screen, enter your phone number and check which companies you do not wish to receive telemarketing calls from;

Do Not Disturb allows you to block telemarketing and telemarketing

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  • Click “I am not a bot” and “Verify lock validation”;
  • Fill in the 6-digit code sent via SMS;
  • See proof of blocking request.
  • ready! Within 30 days, these numbers will be blocked from calling you.

3. On the cell phone itself

You can block specific numbers directly on smart phoneWhether it’s Android or Iphone. Simply select the number that called you and go to the call settings. Look for an option like “Block this caller” or “Block / unblock number” (lists depend on the phone model).

Thus, the cell phone itself will prevent any call from that individual contact from completing. But its extensions and variants will remain free.

4. Prevent strangers

It’s not the best option, as it doesn’t differentiate between what is telemarketing or not. But it is an alternative. If it is activated, all incoming calls from numbers not in the phone book will be rejected – this may cause you to lose important contacts.

To activate the function, follow the following paths:

  • On iPhone: “Settings” > “Phone” > “Mute strangers”
  • On Android: “Calls” > “Settings” > “Blocked numbers” > “Unknown”

5. By apps

There are many apps that block calls and/or identify the caller, according to a collaborative database. The advice is to download apps only from official stores (Play Store, Apple Store, Galaxy Store), which are well rated. Some of the most recommended apps are: Hiya, Whoscall and Truecaller.

*Texts by Camila Mazzuto, Marcel Duarte and Lucas Carvalho.