May 25, 2024

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The production cost of the iPhone 13 Pro is higher than that of the iPhone 12 Pro

The production cost of the iPhone 13 Pro is higher than that of the iPhone 12 Pro

NS iPhone price When it is released it does not satisfy many people. Here in Brazil, for example, the most expensive model is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which starts at R$10.499. One The report was released this week He points out that part of the reason for the higher prices is the cost of producing the device.

Conducted by TechInsights, review notes that the 256GB iPhone 13 Pro costs $21.5 more than the Iphone 12 Pro.

The estimated production value of the iPhone 13 Pro was around $570, while the iPhone 12 Pro had an estimated production value of $548.50.

According to the report, Impact of semiconductor shortage on production. In addition, it stands out that the increase is due to the higher costs of the A15 processor and the memory used in the device.

NS TechInsights Also compare the new iPhone 13 Pro to the competition Samsung Galaxy S21 + 5G, which has an estimated cost of $508, which is $62 cheaper.

NS full report It also features design analysis and components such as image sensors.

Apple officially announced, on September 14, launched its new line of mobile phones: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Prices in Brazil range from R$ 6,599 to R$ 15,499.

After the start of sales abroad, iPhones usually take 2-3 months to be officially sold in Brazil. The official date is not reported here.

Some visual changes

If there’s one thing the iPhone 13 isn’t surprising, it’s the design. From generation to generation, Apple Invested more in processor and camera improvements.

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In terms of design, the smart phone Little has changed since the last release and almost no change in its appearance compared to the iPhone 12. To do no injustice, it is true that a few things have changed: the colours, the positions of the cameras and the size in the notch (notch) at a 20% reduction.

The highlight is that the Models Camera is now able to create videos with a blurry background (very popular in photos). A novelty that can satisfy those who enjoy it Films Such as cell phone.

Apple also killed a 64GB version of storage with the new iPhone. Devices are sold with space starting at 128 GB (the 13 Pro line also has a 1 TB option).