September 25, 2023

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What To Know Before Visiting Roland Garros


 Rolland Garros, also known as The French Open, is one of the most important tennis events in Europe and one of France’s most significant sports events. Taking place from May to June, it is part of the Grand Slam and allows both men and women to compete. Half a million people are planning to buy Roland Garros tickets in 2022, and there are many reasons why you might fancy it too. Here are some tips that should help you figure out all the nuances of visiting the tournament.

First of all, you should be aware that the event is likely to involve loads of people and massive crowds. However, event planners take it into consideration and try to give you as much space as possible. Roland-Garros Paris stadium is a majestic building with courts that have everything a tennis tournament requires.

Four years ago, the stadium went through a thorough renovation and can now impress guests with a top-notch retractable roof. Those who buy tickets are also lucky enough to visit the four old greenhouses of Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil, as one of the smaller stadiums is located there. The atmosphere of an old-school French botanic garden with its blooming flowers in all their beauty as seen only in May can make your experience of visiting the stadium unforgettable.

The French Open has influenced the whole industry of tennis events and has set numerous trends since its establishment in 1970. For example, this was the first tournament ever to introduce colorful tennis clothes instead of the traditional white outfits.

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It is also a bit more challenging than other competitions, as it is the only one where they have to perform on a clay court. Other kinds of courts, covered in glass or other artificial materials, are considerably easier to play on as they guarantee a completely different level of stability. Consequently, Roland Garros is also more interesting to watch as the constant threat of one of the players slipping makes you sit on the edge of your chair.

Therefore, the tournament is not only extremely popular with visitors who want to see it live but also with viewers at home who watch it on TV or the Internet. It was mentioned previously that the former amount to nearly half a million every year. The latter amount to an impressive number of 20 million.

How do you get tickets?

From all priorly said, it is easy to conclude that there is high demand for tickets for Roland Garros. However, nowadays, it is quite easy to get them if you use websites like Koobit. It allows you not only to make a purchase but also to find valuable information about the schedule of upcoming events. The first rule of buying tickets to any sports event is to try and do so in advance because it will eliminate the chance of them being sold out and can often help you save money.

The price may vary between €20 and  €500 depending on various factors such as the importance of the game, the stadium where it is held, and the popularity of those competing.

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What do you do next?

If you have never been to Paris before, it might be tough to get places as the city is famous for its complex Metro system. If you are brave enough to try it, the best way is to get to Porte d’Auteuil and then follow the signs all around to help visitors find the place. Paris is prepared to welcome visitors within the two weeks of the tournaments, so it is usually effortless to find all the information you require.

Most commonly, games start in the morning, as early as 10 am, and finish after 5 pm, so a visitor has to be prepared for an extended stay. This is said, you should wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothes, feel well and remember about hydration. Depending on the ticket you buy, you may be allowed to visit many matches or few. It is often impossible to attend every game, so you might also prioritize the most interesting ones for you. This way, you will not use all your energy on day one.

Energy always comes from fuel, so what should one eat?

Like all major sports events, Roland Garros offers visitors food and drinks. There may be an issue with variety and prices, so if you have a specific diet or a low budget, it may be wise to consider bringing a snack with you because, luckily, it is allowed. If you are not too picky, you will be happy to find food typical for sports events.

Some sports fans also recommend bringing something like a small pillow with you to all sorts of stadiums because they rarely offer luxurious seats, and you might end up sitting for hours.

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Even if you do not find tennis especially amusing, you will definitely find joy in spending time with excited fans, spectating the beauty of Paris stadiums, and diving into the atmosphere of professional sport.

To summarize, going to a sports event is no rocket science, but being informed has never harmed anybody. Try to buy tickets in advance and use websites like Koobit to find all the information you require. Roland Garros is one of the most spectacular sports events in Europe. It is held in the magnificent city of Paris, so you will definitely enjoy yourself regardless of whether you are a big tennis fan or a sports dummy.